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Roadhog OW Guide

Given the opportunity, this cold-blooded cutthroat would have no hesitation to shred any foe standing in his way. With his massive constitution being over two meters tall, Roadhog is sure to withstand tremendous damage before he gets taken down. Wielding this robust Hero can be troublesome, so we’ve forged the best beginners Roadhog Overwatch guide.

To his previously mentioned appearance, Roadhog’s kit is nothing less frightful than himself. Aside from being considered one of the most resilient Heroes, he can also cause tremendous damage in close-range combat. However, closing in on the enemy’s is not a hard task for Roadhog. Thanks to his Chain Hook, few can evade being brought to the Scrap Gun.


Although having 600 health points at disposal, Roadhog is missing in any shields. Regardless, this does not make him any less valuable as a tank, as he possesses the ability to self-heal. Thanks to this, Roadhog can maintain the aggressive play, challenging every Hero to think twice before engaging him.

However, engaging can be difficult for Roadhog as well. Chain hook is of fundamental value since the large-size of this Hero leaves his movement to be very slow. A missed one would mean Roadhog is left vulnerable, with his target being out of the range. A solution to this would be not to engage isolated, as support from teammates stays vital for this Tank. Understanding his role can guide Roadhog to become a deathwish to any Hero in Overwatch.

Roadhog Overwatch Guide

What are the Roadhog’s Abilities?

When it comes to Roadhog’s abilities, it will take a little practice to get used to them. Chain hook can be especially difficult for novice players and the Scrap Gun should be used with caution because of its reload time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what abilities Roadhog has to offer and how to use them with the help of this Overwatch guide.

Scrap Gun (LMB / RMB)

Roadhog scrap gun overwatch

Roadhog handles a Scrap Gun as his primary weapon. Having a fire rate of 1.43 shots per second, Scrap Gun has a five-shot magazine and delivers 25 pellets per shot. When close to an opponent, pressing the left mouse button would cause severe damage. Regardless of this, take in mind that the reload-time for the weapon lasts 2 seconds. Due to his movement already being slow, every shot will be valuable.

Although most effective from close range, Roadhog will be forced to use his right mouse button as well. By doing so, a cluster of shrapnel will detonate after traveling nine meters. Such a range enables you to support your teammates in pushing forward, mostly by harassing enemy shields.

Chain Hook (LSHIFT)

Chain Hook might be the ability that got you into playing Roadhog in the first place. Nevertheless, no one can find fault with that, as this ability causes pleasure hardly matched by any other. A few words can explain the feeling of pulling an enemy Hero back to Roadhog.

Roadhog Beginners guide Overwatch

If an opponent is to evade such fate, a 20-meter long chain is his first obstacle. The hook will cause 30 damage upon hitting. When combined successfully with the primary weapon, the Chain Hook will be the end of every target that possesses around 200 health points. Shields or barriers will not help Roadhog’s cause, as the hook will not go through them. He will also stay immobilized while pulling the chain back, with no difference if a target is attached to it or not.

Although a tactically excellent ability, the hook can be a double-edged sword when not used correctly. In order to make the most of this ability, this is some important things to remember. Always aim for the targets that can benefit your team.

Support Heroes make the best candidates for a hook since they possess the ability to sustain enemies during the match. A hook like this will set your team in a better position and gain a crucial advantage. However, be cautious, as bringing in an enemy tank can cause the sole opposite.

One good Rheinhardt is more than enough to cause havoc, and the blunder could be severe. Mistakes are bound to happen, so don’t let a few missed hooks bring you down. Just by following this guide and practicing Overwatch, Roadhogs Chain Hook will be as easy as never before.

Take A Breather (E)

Roadhog take a breather

It may sound odd that inhaling from a gas canister will be the source of Roadhog’s additional life. Still, we are not to question, as this habit will restore him 300 health points. The Breather will take some time to complete and Roadhog will not be able to shoot during this time. However, he will take 50-percent less damage. Take a Breather will be put to good practice at any crucial moment since it restores half of your health bar. If used precisely, it could turn the tide in a team fight, or help you survive even the D.Va’s Self-Destruct.

Whole Hog (Q)

When activating the Whole Hog, Roadhog will not be able to use any of his abilities nor cancel the channel. He will then proceed to bring out a weapon wearing a close resemblance to a mini-gun, loaded with scrap. Once deployed, the Whole Hog will unleash a storm of projectiles, with Roadhog having no power over the gun firing. If every hit ends up being a perfect ten, this ability can cause 4,928 damage. It will last for 5.5 seconds. Positioning will be vital once more, as the Whole Hog requires close range in order to achieve maximum damage output. The ability will also knock the enemies back from you.

Roadhog abilities guide

Although the Whole Hog can cause severe damage to the enemy lines, distorting their positions, it must be used cautiously, as pushing an enemy away from a friendly ultimate will bring no good to the team. There is nothing more important in Overwatch than the teams’ synergy, as Roadhog will not be able to guide the team alone.

With what Hero does Roadhog synergize?


Roadhog proved to be a great match with Symmetra. Thanks to his ability to hook, he is able to drag enemies back to Symmetra’s turrets.


orisa overwatch

comes as a highly synergetic matchup with Roadhog, as the two can easily pick out an opponent due to their ability combo.

What Heroes is Roadhog weak against?

• Mei

• D.Va

• Zarya

• McCree

• Reaper

Due to his damage and mobility, he comes as a very hard opponent for Roadhog to face.

Reaper overwatch

What Heroes is Roadhog strong against?

• Winston

• Mercy

• Bastion

• Lucio

• Pharah

• Tracer

• Genji

• Soldier 76


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