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Overwatch Contenders Player sexual misconduct

The dreadful news of the sexual misconduct perpetrated by the Overwatch Contenders player Tae-in ‘FR3E’ Yoon, spread through the internet, causing disgust amongst the community.

Tae-in ‘FR3E’ Yoon has found himself entangled in unpleasant circumstances, as he is being accused of sexual assault by the Twitter user @pwk_ow. As it happens, the victim of the misconduct is also a minor.

What are the allegations for Overwatch Contenders player sexual misconduct?

The Newly-signed off-tank for the North American Overwatch Contenders team Meta Skyfoxes supposedly molested the minor in her sleep. To further prove the claims, she has posted a series of tweet logs, exposing the details of the accident.

In the length of the recent translations, we were able to get a closer sight at how the incident unfolded.

It seems to me that FR3E purposely lured his victim into coming, only to take advantage of her later on. Whether this turns out to be a compelling claim is yet to be seen, however, the following details have all the ingredients of a chiller story.

After the minor fell asleep, FR3E proceeded to stripe her down, not hesitating to touch as he progressed. It is unknown what happened from then on, but the victim decided to keep quiet for the sake of his career.

The South Korean minor later went on to post screenshots of their Messenger conversation, where FR3E’s insensitivity towards the situation becomes apparent.

To the claims of sexual mischief, the Overwatch Contenders player replies with a simple “sorry.”

Considering he was 19 years old at the time, he might have been unaware of the seriousness of the situation. I am by no means trying to justify his position, but emotions should be put aside when making an objective opinion. To avoid rushing with the accusations, let’s consider some of the unfamiliar reports surrounding the sexual mischief of the Overwatch Contenders player.


We are yet to receive information on the status of their relationship at the time being. Additionally, it is unknown how old was minor at the time of the assault. The evidence presented so far leads me to conclude that FR3E committed the mischief without the victim’s approval. However, we are yet to see his statement on the events, which will be available upon his return to South Korea.

Who is FR3E?

FR3E holds his roots in 2017, where he debuted with the renowned Overwatch team LW Red. The South Korean team is known for its generation of talented players, who continue to strive in the Overwatch League. Since 2018, FR3E has been a regular participant of the Overwatch Contenders, starring with the team Seven, and later GC Busan WAVE.

Overwatch FR3E

How did Meta Skyfoxes react to their player’s sexual mischief?

It didn’t take long for the team to issue a statement following the recent accusals. They have decided to part ways with FR3E, as the organization firmly stands against any form of sexual harassment.

The news of the sexual mischief committed by the Overwatch Contenders player is no stand-alone case. Recently, we have witnessed numerous events including comparable stories. One of the more notable incidents would be that of Jonathan ‘DreamKazper’ Sanchez, who got released from the Boston Uprising after allegedly soliciting naked pictures from a 14-year-old fan.

Overwatch Contenders Player sexual misconduct

It’s hard to imagine that any explanation will get him through this, as nothing can compensate for the traumas and future trust issues the victim will have to live with. However, we must wait for the case to unfold, as he is innocent until proven guilty.


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