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Sigma overwatch

Blizzard has just revealed the next playable character in their popular game Overwatch, and his name is Sigma.

The origins of the character start with his desire to control the power of gravity. Upon trying an experiment in the International Space Station, it goes haywire; for a brief moment, he creates a black hole. He suffered major psychological damage and was isolated from the world for years because of his lack of control over himself and his new powers. He is eventually broken out and turned into a weapon. While he would soon gain control over his new abilities, he unfortunately still can’t gain full control of his own mind.

Sigma, Overwatch hero 31, was recently sent out to the “Public Test Region” (PTR) version of the game so that people can continue to test it before the character is officially released in a stable build of Overwatch. He is categorized as a Tank character and has special abilities related to his new gravitational powers. This includes being able to throw “Hyperspheres”. They bounce off the walls and explode, hurting enemies that come near due to the radius of the explosions.

Sigma can output a shield that can take up to 1500 damage. That is relatively high as it nears the 2000 that a different Tank character, Reinhardt, has. This one, however, can go in a straight direction and pause at will, potentially making it more annoying for the enemy team to tackle. As he also floats in the air, he doesn’t output any movement noise. This may make it easier for the character to stealthily move around and flank the other team.

Sigma overwatch

One thing that’s set people off is how Sigma’s feet are bare and not really covered by anything. An artist that works on Overwatch named Qiu Fang, stated the following:

Thanks for your feedbacks! We decided to keep the feet bare to sell the ‘asylum’ look a bit more; in many institutions, patients are not allowed to have shoes because they might cause harm with the laces. While Sigma isnt neccisarily in danger of that, we felt that having no shoes helped draw that connection. I also had iterations of him with shoes on, and it made him alot more generic, so in the end we decided to leave him barefeet. That’s just what the reasoning internally was though, I’m sure we’ll be making skins with shoes on him in the future!

Sigma will soon be playable in an official Overwatch stable build. In the meantime, you can play him right now on the PTR servers that are up for testers. Let us know how you like the gameplay of hero 31!

Source: ArtStation, GamePedia

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2 years ago

I would like overwatch soldier 76