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It’s no secret that Overwatch has received a lot of criticism as a game. The ‘no-aim necessary’ style GOATs comp that has been running the game’s meta has caused a lot of people to cry out for change from the game’s developers. Despite the fact the fact that the Overwatch team has and is putting extensive work into buffing/nerfing and even reworking heroes; the community has become impatient waiting for these patches to balance the game and instead are asking for a ban/protect system. Houston Outlaws GM, Matt “flame” Rodriguez, tweeted his feelings on the matter:

Lo and behold, this has created another point of contention in the Overwatch community. While some think that hero bans will increase the number of heroes picked in professional games, others think that hero bans will just trade one meta for another. Former Boston Uprising player and current Overwatch Contenders caster, Connor “Avast” Prince, predicted what will happen if hero bans are implemented:


Avast raises a good counter point to hero bans in the fact that the hero pool for Overwatch is still severely limited. Of Overwatch’s two-and-a-half-year lifespan, dive comp ran the meta for a solid year and a half. The only thing that changed the dive meta was the introduction of Brigitte which promptly ignited the dreaded GOATs comp. If a team bans Brigitte because they don’t want to face GOATs, it follows logically that dive will resurface because then you’re playing the same game you were when Brigitte wasn’t around.


Source: Overwatch

The long-term hope is that Blizzard will properly patch, rework, and release heroes that will create a wider range of team comps to be viable. However, with season 2 of the OWL beginning on February 14th, many fans are itching for the problem to be solved by then.

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While hero bans may shake up the meta, they would primarily just allow for other comps to become the main meta again. One idea I wish would receive more attention is the idea of OWL requiring teams to run 2-2-2 comps. Or something of the sort. Assigning roles to each member of a team will actually force teams to run diverse comps while still allowing them the freedom to choose characters that counter dominant comps like dive.

My main goal with this post is to have discussion! Conversation about topics like this is the best way to find solutions so we can fix the game we all know and love. Please let me know what you think about the state of Overwatch, and what you want to see happen to fix it.


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Randalph Patrick
3 years ago

For me this is good move though, players should adopt any changes in a game if they really love it. Since Overwatch won the Best eSports Game in GameAwards 2018, I guess they think that they should change the meta a bit.

Jesper Marceau
3 years ago

I think they need to work as a team, they get criticism because of they are not aware of what they have done. Since they won esports of the year 2018 at the game awards they will need to follow the sake of their players.

3 years ago

Wondering if they notify their players regards on the new meta? OW is good to play but since they are so many cry out for the new release, they will need to focus more on what they gonna do right now.