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It’s only week two of Overwatch League season two, but there have already been some seriously season-making highlights. If you missed any of these killer matches, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Overwatch League Highlight of the Week: The Curse is Lifted

Amid screams of “LET’S GO DRAGONS” from teary fans, the Shanghai Dragons finally ended their season-long losing streak and claimed victory over the Boston Uprising. There’s no mystery behind the magic here—DDing on Sombra and Diem on Zarya were absolute maniacs. The whole team, bolstered by the recent addition of Gamsu, was completely in sync, playing expertly around DDing’s well-timed EMPs and making the absolute most of their ult economies. The Shanghai Dragons are ready to celebrate their very first win, and it’s certainly hard-earned and well-deserved.

This Overwatch League highlight alone could be given to DDing, who finished the series with 152 enemies hacked and 89 EMP’d. Now that’s just filthy.

Overwatch League highlights

The crowd absolutely loses it as Blizzard Arena finally lights up red.

Highlight 1: London Spitfire coming back

After eating two hard losses against Fusion and Eternal last week, London Spitfire managed a 3-2 win against the Washington Justice on Thursday, pulling off a reverse sweep after giving up the first two maps. They’ll need to turn this win into some serious momentum, as they’re heading into their match against the Hangzhou Spark with a map differential of -3. Spark, on the other hand, just took its first loss against the Houston Outlaws. They still hit high above London in the stage rankings. London and Hangzhou go head to head in the first match on Sunday, and hopefully that will be Overwatch League highlights worthy, as well.

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Highlight 2: Florida Mayhem brings it at last

In an absolutely stunning upset, Florida Mayhem managed a narrow win against last year’s runner-up champions, the Philadelphia Fusion. Fusion have been riding high this season, having defeated the London Spitfire in the season’s inaugural match, and seeing them fall to the much weaker Mayhem was surprising, to say the least. Seeing Fusion struggle and fail to get even a single point on the final map, Route 66, was pretty painful. It’ll be interesting to see what this game does to each team’s momentum moving forward.


Highlight 3: The Battle of Colors

Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant finally went head-to-head in a much-anticipated “battle of the colors,” washing the battlefield with red and black. Both teams enjoyed a good debut last week, carrying a win apiece into their match. Atlanta Reign has become a fast fan favorite, particularly because they have the much-loved Dafran on their roster, while Defiant hasn’t managed to accrue much hype. Despite a seriously strong first map, Defiant yielded the next three to the Reign. While Atlanta can put its feet up for the remainder of the weekend and enjoy its new position at the near-top of the standings, Defiant will be going up against the intimidating Los Angeles Valiant this Sunday.

Official scores posted by the Overwatch League official site.

We’ve got another two days of matches to enjoy this week—which matchups are you raring to see? Be sure to let us know down below!


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