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It’s finally time—the second season of Overwatch League kicks off this Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already planned out something for this romantic of days, why not snuggle down with your significant other(s) and check out the first day of matches?

The action starts at 4:00 pm Pacific time, and it starts hot—with a showdown between reigning champion London Spitfire up against the team they beat out in the finals last year, Philadelphia Fusion. If last season is any indication, the outcomes of the Stage 1 matches aren’t exceptional predictors of which teams will ultimately come out on top, but there’s still palpable excitement vibrating through the Overwatch community ahead of these first matches.

The New York Excelsior's logo, a geometric pattern centered around a blue X, is shown on a dark blue background. The text on the bottom reads Excelsior in white, angular font.

NYXL’s team banner as displayed on their official website, excelsior.overwatchleague.com

A number of analysts have predicted that either London Spitfire or New York Excelsior (NYXL) will take the championship this year. Both teams have made some powerful changes to their roster while holding onto the DPS players whose deep hero pools and flexible play make their teams so strong.

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While we’re all looking forward to seeing these titans take on all comers, the League’s eight new expansion teams promise to bring some added excitement and maybe some huge upsets. Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant both eked out wins against their more seasoned opponents during the Community Countdown scrimmages. We can also look forward to some exciting play from the Hangzhou Spark, who have generated considerable hype with their roster, which includes such fan favorites as GodsB (DPS), Guxue (tank), and iDK (support). Plus, those pink skins just look awesome.

Genji, Wrecking Ball, Reaper, Winston, McCree, and Mei are pictured standing in a line, all equipped in pink and white Spark skins.

There are clear favorites for the championships, but there’s absolutely no consensus on who will claim the Pacific and Atlantic regional thrones. And with an exhaustively long season and gameplay that is constantly being transformed by new heroes, new maps, and new metas, we can’t say that any team in the League is really “safe.” But by the same token, we can’t write off any of these contenders, either.

Who are your favorite teams and players heading into the new season? Let us know—and stay plugged in here for coverage of the Overwatch League all season long!


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