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Overwatch League Pro fined month's salary

The Chengdu Hunters DPS player Zhang “YangXiaoLong” Zhihao has been fined his month’s salary, as it has been revealed that he made inappropriate comments towards a female Overwatch streamer.

After hearing about the unwarranted remarks, the Chengdu Hunters posted an official statement on their Twitter account. They have apologized and assured the public that the player involved got punished accordingly to the rules and ethics of the team.

YanXiaoLong has been deprived of his monthly salary and the team made sure he is to exercise exemplary behavior.

Overwatch League Pro fined month's salary

Aside from the monthly salary fine he has received, he will also be losing the bonus attached to his Stage 2 playtime. Chengdu Hunters have said if mischief like this is to occur again, his punishment will be doubled up.

“On behalf of the Chengdu Hunters, we apologize to Aspen and all people involved. We have already severely reprimanded and educated our player, YangXiaoLong, on his misbehavior – imposing a fine on the full month salary (1/2)”

as stated on Chengdu Hunter’s official Twitter profile.

Overwatch League Pro fined month's salary

Review of what led up to the incident

It comes as no surprise that Chengdu Hunters had to take such severe measures towards their player, as the streamer involved is a 17-years old Overwatch player Aspen, closely involved with Cloud9 gaming.

YangXiaoLong has left a message during an Overwatch League pro match, in which he claimed that his fellow teammate “Ameng”, said Amens is his second wife. Luckily, the only reaction that came by the streamer was a facepalm, a laugh, and comment simply saying “LUL”. Ding “Ameng” Menghan only left a question mark in the comment section, later sending an apology to Amens through a whisper, saying “So sry he like to play jokes…He brain problems”

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That both sides were satisfied with the outcome of the situation was even confirmed by Amens, as the streamer posted a reply on the Chengdu Hunters twitter post, stating:

“Apologies accepted, I personally was confused and thought YXL was SBB and that he was joking around.”

This case of a professional player showing utter lack of behavior is not isolated, as we have recently witnessed a series of fines made upon Overwatch League pros. Some of the recent examples are Dallas Fuel players “xQc” and “Taimou” who have been caught making homophobic comments during a stream.

Overwatch League Pro fined month's salary

As communication on the world wide web has no boundaries and can hardly be controlled or censored, people take on the full liberty to say whatever comes to their mind. Let’s face it, we have all experienced it, we have all done it, sometimes remarks made on the internet can be funny. On the other hand, we still have to be aware that the person sitting across the opposite side of the screen has a different background and may not take things so jolly as we did.

It is expected from professional players that have massive followings and may even be looked upon as role models by future players, to behave and set a clear example of behavior that demands mutual respect among all members of the Overwatch community and beyond.

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