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The much prophesied 2-2-2 lock for Competitive Overwatch and the Overwatch League has finally been confirmed by our lord and savior, Jeff Kaplan, in the July 18th Developer Update video.

Essentially, what this means for professional Overwatch is that GOATS, the lesser known Slambulance (4 tanks, 2 supports) and the triple dps/Hammond compositions are literally unplayable. Until any future changes are made to composition locks in Overwatch, teams will only be allowed to field compositions composed of 2 tanks, 2 damage heroes, and 2 supports.

While there are many out there who undoubtedly feel this is a move in the positive direction for Overwatch as a spectator sport, there are those believe that composition locks will take away from the creativity in making unique and meta-changing rosters. Regardless of either of these opinions, this article will instead focus on how each team should predictably perform within these constraints.


Florida Mayhem

florida mayhem

The acquisition of Fate prior to stage 3 was a big win for the Mayhem. Couple that with Sayaplayer now basically being forced to play dps and a decent support line, and Florida may be able to turn some heads going into stage 4. Don’t expect them to start winning any series, though.

Washington Justice

Washington Justice Overwatch League Week 4

It’s no secret that Janus has been one of the weakest (probably THE weakest) main tank players in the Overwatch League this season. Unfortunately for Washington fans, Sansam has been pretty much just as poor on the off-tank role this season, leading Washington to an abysmal 2-19 record at the end of stage 3. Hopefully, the newest additions to the roster, ELLIVOTE from Team Envy in NA Contenders and LullSiSH from Angry Titans in EU Contenders will be able to shake things up at the tank positions for Washington.

Arguably, the only bright spot for Washington this season has been Corey when he was able to play dps roles. With a new tank line, Corey on dps and ARK on main support, things should be looking up for Justice fans.

Toronto Defiant

Toronto Defiant OWL

The best part of the Defiant are inarguably their dps players. Ivy, Mangachu, im37 and Logix are 4 players to definitely look out for, going into stage 4. Couple that with Neko on flex support and you have a team worth watching. My only concern is their tank line. None of the Defiant tank players have shown much improvement this season and that will need to change if this team still wants to make the season playoffs.

Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising Overwatch League

Blasé and Colourhex have had the opportunity to play dps a few times this season and they have done a solid job each time. Fusions has been an excellent Reinhardt player this season, but Orisa and Winston are likely to be the go-to tanks in stage 4. RCk has shown that he can play D.VA in top level competition while Kellex and AimGod have been an overlooked support duo all season. Hopefully those two can get over whatever beef they have with each other for the sake of the team. http://www.haloofthoughts.co.uk/2019/06/report-boston-uprising-had-benched.html

Paris Eternal

paris eternal OWL Week 4

They have SoOn and ShaDowBurn, need I say more? Danye and NiCOgdh have also been strong dps players when given the opportunity, while Kruise was an all-star support player this season. The concern for this team, like it’s been all season, is their tank line.

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws Overwatch

The only real concern that fans of the Outlaws should have going into stage 4 is their off-tank player. Coolmatt is clearly no longer in his prime and SPREE has been known as a Zarya player most of his career, not a D.VA player. The rest of the team looks solid on all roles.

Los Angeles Valiant

Los Angeles Valiant OWL

This is one of the top teams to keep an eye on in the next stage. Excellent tank line in FCTFCTN and SPACE, solid dps players in Agilities and KSF and great supports in Custa and KariV. I expect great things from this well-rounded team.

Guangzhou Charge

Guangzhou Charge Esports

The Charge have me a bit confused right now. Signing Bischu makes sense (so that they can have a dedicated D.VA player), but signing Fragi has me concerned. Fragi is a Reinhardt legend, as most of us know, yet it’s pretty much expected that Winston and Orisa will be the common picks for main tank next stage. Guangzhou has a slew of solid dps options and their support line is pretty good, but I don’t expect this team to be making any big moves next stage and will probably miss out on the playoffs.

Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters OWL

Chengdu is pretty much being forced off of Wrecking Ball compositions going into stage 4, which will be a big shakeup for the team. Jiqiren will most likely see the majority of Chengdu’s playtime on main tank since it has been said that Ameng is not allowed to touch Winston. Elsa has been serviceable on D.VA this season, though I would not put him anywhere near the top of the League.

They have plenty of options on dps and their support line is pretty good. Chengdu still remains as confusing to me today as it always has, though. It’s still the most unpredictable team in the Overwatch League.

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign OWL

I am expecting good things from Atlanta. They have strong dps players in babybay, Erster and NLaaer. Daco is an exceptional D.VA and the support line of Dogman and Masaa is solid. Their concern should be their main tank players. Pokpo has not been anywhere near the top of the League when it comes to main tank and their other option in Gator really isn’t much better. If Atlanta were smart, they would try to sign another main tank player from the Contenders that can play Winston and Orisa at a top level.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel Overwatch Esports

Dallas has been known for a few things.

  1. Not living up to expectations
  2. Signing players with 3 letter names
  3. Signing a lot of dps players

With these in mind, it will be interesting to see how Dallas adapts to the 2-2-2 change. It seems evident on paper that Dallas will greatly benefit from this change, having a strong tank line with OGE and NotE. Along with this tank line, AKM will no longer have the responsibility of fielding Zarya in their GOATS lineup, meaning he can focus primarily on his specialty, hitscan.

Dallas also sports legendary dps players like Taimou and ZachaREEE, the latter of which was bombarded with negativity towards his Brigitte play all season long. Hopefully, Zach will be able to once again prove to the world that he is a top tier dps player, just like he did in NA Contenders.

Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion overwatch league

Here is where things get interesting. The runners-up of the Inaugural Season made great strides in the playoffs last year with the growing strength of double sniper compositions, a comp that should prove to be rather popular going into stage 4. Carpe and EQO are still arguably the strongest dps duo in the Overwatch League, Poko is still a top tier D.VA player, SADO won’t have to play Reinhardt, and Neptuno and Boombox are a good backline for any team to have. Have the gods bestowed their love upon the Fusion going into the last stretch of the season, again?

Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons OWL Week 4

They’re gonna be good. Really good. Just like the Fusion, the Dragons dps duo is also in contention for best in the League right now with diem and DDing. Gamsu has shown that he can play every main tank at a high level. They have 2 D.VA options with Geguri and Envy (expect Envy), and their back line might be the best in the League with Luffy and CoMa. Shanghai might be the strongest team in the Overwatch League with the changes going into stage 4.

London Spitfire

London Spitfire OWL Week 4

London might be the best team in the League again. They won the whole shebang last year in a double sniper meta and that might be the case again this year. I would still say that Gesture is the best Winston in the League, Fury is undoubtedly the best D.VA, Profit and birdring are a stellar dps duo, and their back line in NUS and Bdosin is also excellent. They did it once before in this meta and I would not be surprised if they did it again.

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League

Seoul is difficult to peg down right now. They swap players and their respective roles so persistently that I do not know what to expect from them next stage. All I can say with certainty is that Fleta will be a dps star again. Other than that, it’s all up in the air with who they field and on what roles.

Los Angeles Gladiators

LA Gladiators OWL Week 4

This is a scary roster. ROar and Void for a tank line is solid, the inseparable Shaz and BigGoose as the support line has been excellent in every meta, and the fantastic dps options in Hydration, Surefour and Decay mean this is a team to keep an eye on. They were good in GOATS; I expect them to be even better in 2-2-2, especially Decay. He may be the best dps player in the League right now.

Hangzhou Spark

Hangzhou Spark OWL Week 4

We haven’t seen a whole lot of dps time from Hangzhou this season, so it’s difficult for me to say if they will be better or worse next stage. Getting guxue on Winston is a big plus for the Spark and their support line will still be good, but I can’t say for sure how well Ria will be able to compete with the rest of the League on D.VA, nor can I say if players like Krystal, GodsB or even Bazzi will stand tall as dps players.

San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock Overwatch

The Shock were the best GOATS team. I would even go as far as to say that they are the most well-rounded team in the Overwatch League. Their support line is exceptional, all their dps options are all-stars: Architect, Sinatraa, Rascal and Striker, who I thought was the best Tracer player overall last year. Their off-tank slot is exceptional with Choi, but their main tank spot might be a little weak. Outside of a Reinhardt meta, super has a lot to prove. Smurf might be the better option as main tank, but we really haven’t seen much from him this season. The rest of the Shock is all top tier, but we’ll have to see if their main tank options can keep up.

New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior OWL

We all know New York is going to be good in the new meta. Their tank options are great, their supports are amazing and they have too many good options on dps. The only concern for New York and their fans is the same concern we’ve had all season; will they choke in the playoffs?

Vancouver Titans

Vancouver Titans OWL Week 4

The team that has taken the Overwatch world by storm this season. They are currently the top team in the Overwatch League, but there are many who question whether or not they would be able to keep winning at a torrid pace in a different meta. I think they will. Getting JJANU playtime on D.VA again is a big win, their supports are not concerning, their dps options are all-stars, and BUMPER will still probably be a strong main tank on Winston and Orisa. I do not think they will be as dominant as they were in the GOATS meta, but still a top 5 team. So let’s move on to the power rankings for this stage of Overwatch League!


Predicted Power Rankings

  1. New York Excelsior
  2. San Francisco Shock
  3. Shanghai Dragons
  4. Vancouver Titans
  5. Los Angeles Gladiators
  6. Los Angeles Valiant
  7. Hangzhou Spark
  8. London Spitfire
  9. Philadelphia Fusion
  10. Houston Outlaws
  11. Seoul Dynasty
  12. Toronto Defiant
  13. Atlanta Reign
  14. Paris Eternal
  15. Guangzhou Charge
  16. Dallas Fuel
  17. Chengdu Hunters
  18. Boston Uprising
  19. Washington Justice
  20. Florida Mayhem

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