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Dogman Overwatch League

While we’ve all written things online we regret later on, few can say the past came back to haunt them as it did with Overwatch League’s Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman, the flex support for the Atlanta Reign.

Overwatch Dogman haircut

The image was taken via Overwatch LeagueVerified Twitter account

Time and place, two years ago, on Bowerman’s Twitch channel, the promises of a bowl cut were set to be made. While watching Overwatch Apex Season 2,  Dogman was caught saying that he will get a Korean style bowl cut if he gets into the OW League. At the time, he was still playing in Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders. After receiving a letter of interest from Blizzard Entertainment, he was quick to share his joy, and dig the hole even deeper by reminding us once again of the promise on his Twitter account.

Overwatch League statement
The wisdom of the saying “be careful what you wish for, as it might come true” absolutely did catch up with the flex support, as those are the words that would come to haunt him later on. No matter how much time goes by, a promise is a promise, and the Overwatch community is there to make sure you stay true to your words.
Earlier this week, Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman was invited as one of the guests for the Overwatch League post-show Watchpoint. While he expected the night to go on with the usual questions being asked, everything changed with the host Chris Puckett bringing up tweets into the account.

Overwatch preview show

The first question in line was the one referring to the haircut. We must give it to him, he did endure this being brought up without showing feelings of denial or complaint and said he has been growing his hair out for the occasion.
Dogman probably felt slightly lucky that the Overwatch League analyst Brennon “Bren” Hook was not present that night, as he was the most persistent person for him to get a haircut. He even tried to slip away by using this as an excuse, saying that he will not get a bowl cut without Bren.

After some persuasive attempts by the hosts to get him into doing it, everything looked like we are up for a dead end. Even a bundle of images showing Overwatch League members wearing bowl cuts did not go on being successful. In a final attempt, he was asked once again will he be doing the cut live. At that moment, all tides were set to change, as we had a surprise guest coming in, no other than Bren, wearing a fake mustache and a full set of barber supplies with him.

With the bowl immediately being placed on Dogman’s head, Bren wasted no time to put his hands to use. He first began by trimming the back of his head, then switched to the scissors to finish the job. While he was all caught up with his new role, we can only imagine the agony that was going through in Dogman’s mind.

When it comes to the final product, we can just conclude that the bowl cut did not end up being a bowl cut, with fringes still left on. One of the reasons for this was Bren’s inner fight, with ten voices screaming in his head to cease the haircut. Who could blame him, it’s not a pleasant feeling bringing razors close to someone’s ears.

Trough the rest of the show, Dogman kept answering the questions with the bowl still being on his head. After the curtains went down, he proceeded to finish off the job, this time putting his faith into the hands of a professional backstage hairdresser.

Overwatch Dogman

After going through this, we owe him big applause for backing up a promise and putting on a memorable show for all of us.

When it comes to Atlanta Reign, they showed great form lately by breaking New York Excelsior’s winning streak. We will be able to support Dogman and the Atlanta Reign on May 4, when they will be set for a rematch with Excelsior.


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