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Overwatch Storm Rising Lore

The first week of the Overwatch Storm Rising event has drawn to an end, leaving us with plenty of lore and getting us one step closer to finding out why was the Overwatch disbanded.

The third take on the Overwatch Achieves concept is set in the past and takes us to Havana, Cuba. There, our team of Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji is deployed to catch the Doomfist’s accountant Maximilien. Navigating them through the mission is Sojourn, a character that has not been introduced to us prior to the event.

As we walk through the Storm Rising event, plenty of interaction between characters takes place. Some of these reveal highly valuable information, while others just ended up being hilarious. This all sets up for the perfect balance in their chatter, bringing their personalities closer to us.

Overwatch Storm Rising Lore

So, let us jump in and see what we have learned about the Overwatch universe, firstly taking a closer glance at the new characters introduced to us, Maximilien and Soujourn.

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Many were left intrigued by the appearance of this sharply dressed Omnic in the Storm Rising Teaser Trailer.

At the beginning of the event, it was suspected that he owns the Don Rumobotico, a Havana based Rum brand, and serves as Doomfist’s accountant. Throughout the game, Maximiliens name is brought up several times, revealing to us that he indeed has expensive taste, as a Casino in Monaco and plenty of other businesses around the world can be added to his name. This could be connected to the fact that he was first seen meeting Akande Ogundimu in a casino in Monaco.

Overwatch Storm Rising Lore maximilien

He started off as an accountant but later found out that his true skills lay in money laundering. Of course, Talon was eager to put his unique talent into use. With vast amounts of business at his hand, he was perfect for bringing Doomfist’s money back to clear waters.
Aside from him being the first lead into Venice, the importance of capturing Maximilien will help bring up the whole puzzle together, as Sojourn states at one part. Intelligence also has firm reasons to believes he is the most likely Talon operator to trade in information.


After Reinhardt’s compulsory retirement, Sojourn was appointed as his replacement. While little is still known about her, we are left to believe that she was involved with the Overwatch for a long time, and used to be a high-ranking member.

It is possible that she suffered some significant injuries, as we learned from her appearance and short dialogue with Genji, that she too possesses some cybernetic prospects. Winston gives us an insight into her personality, saying that he feels nervous around her, feeling she might do something terrible if he lets her down.
Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer on Overwatch, recently revealed that Soujourn’s development dates far before Overwatch were even to be released and that we can expect her to come out as a new hero.

Overwatch Storm Rising Lore sojourn

Other Facts from Storm Rising Lore

Developers have definitely proved to us in this Archives concept, that they have some good sense for humor, bringing in plenty of mocking and jokes into the interactions.

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We found about the bad impact the Moon had on Winston’s bones, Mercy’s terrible coffee making, and the fact I would like to especially highlight, Winston’s tax paying. After a phony conversation about taxes, we get to know that Switzerland is the country that takes his fair share of income. Dr. Chao got brought up in the conversations as well, as we found out his company is currently working on a space station. There was also some romance involved, as many felt conversations between Genji and Mercy had some emotions underneath them.

Overwatch Storm Rising

More serious parts brought to us the early signs of Overwatch’s downfall, as we learned that this mission was significant for its subsistence. The team managed to catch Maximilien, but what information he shared is still a sheer mystery.

Even though the team succeeded at their mission, we are still left to wonder what faith awaits the Operatives. Talons activity has drastically increased, as Doomfist is looking to push the world into war, and he is planning to do that by turning the whole organization into it.
At the end of the event, Doomfist is seen talking to a still unknown Omnic, which leaves promises of a new chapter.


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