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Overwatch Storm Rising Lore

As the countdown for the next big  Overwatch Storm Rising event, premiering on April 16th, draws to an end, Blizzard Entertainment gets us sitting on the edge of our seats with a promising teaser trailer, confirming all the expectations, that we, indeed are up for a dazzling experience as a new take on the Archives concept is all set to go.

What did the teaser trailer show us?

After watching the trailer, viewers are left with the appearance of two new mysterious voices, one belonging to the main miscreant of our Saga; Maximilien (previously known to us from the Doomfist: Masquerade comic) , an elegant looking Omnic dressed in a smooth suit, who is seen inside of a limo, taking a comfortable ride through the streets of Cuba. There, a secretive group is known to have bought Don Rumobotico, a Havana based rum brand, behind whose purchase rumors believe, stands the notorious Talon.

overwatch new mission

Aside from Max, the other voice appearing in the trailer belongs to Sojourn, whom we have previously met in a mission briefing teaser. Sojourn is responsible for the proposition of the mission Storm Rising to Strike Commander Jack Morrison.

Information surrounding Sojourn is very shallow. Still, due to the fact that her influence on imposing a mission plan to Commander Jack had a positive outcome, many are left to believe she used to be a high ranking member of Overwatch.

Some even suggest she was directly linked to working alongside Soldier:76.

Storm Rising Overwatch

As seen, our team of four will be set to deploy in Cuba, and help kidnap the alleged accountant of Doomfist, Maximilian, whose capture would mean a scar to the seemingly untouchable legal shelter Doomfist has built.

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So, what can we conclude for the upcoming event?

After the immense amount of intrigue surrounding the teaser and the lore of the upcoming event Storm Rising, you might be left stranded with more questions than answers;
What more will we find out about the secretive Omnic Max? How will Sojourn be aiding our Heroes in their upcoming tasks?  Are the cut-scenes shown in the trailer a sign of some new mechanic being added to the game, or are we up for a slight disappointment?

Should we anticipate some sort of exclusive vehicle combat after seeing Genji prepare to direct a stroll blow to the forthcoming Maximiliens motorcade, or, if not, can we at least hope that we get an opportunity to chase down our foes by mounting a futuristic motorcycle just as Tracer did in one of the scenes?

Well, to all of these questions about the Overwatch Storm Rising trailer, my guess is as good as yours, we are left stranded, and will just have to wait and see to find out what lays ahead, as the Storm Rising event starts as soon as today, on April 16th, and ends on May 6.

Until then, we know for certain that we are up for a bunch-load of new skins, avatars, sprays, and an epic adventure as the Overwatch team of Genji, Winston, Tracer and Mercy break through the enemy lines to fulfill the task of capturing Talon assistant.
In case you still haven’t tried the thrilling experience of Overwatch, there is no better time than now, as it comes available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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