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Widowmaker guide

Emotionless with her eyes ever-roving for fresh prey, Widowmaker could never reconcile with the cold-blooded killer she had become. We’ve done our best to tame her and bring the best Overwatch Beginners guide to Widowmaker.

Before being proclaimed as Talon’s most effective assassin, Widowmaker was a member of the influential Guillard family and an accomplished ballet dancer in Paris. Nevertheless, all of this was to change after Talon’s ferocious abduction of the then-named Amélie Guillard. After enduring severe alternations done to mind and body, she slew her husband (an Overwatch agent) in his sleep. Now, with her skin blue, detached from any past, she would grow to be known as Widowmaker, the main Hero of today’s beginner’s Overwatch guide.

So, if you are into Heroe’s that have a darker twist to their lore, Widowmaker will satisfie yours wants for sure. However, you’ll need more than a backstory if you are to truly master this Overwatch’s sniper. A steady hand will be required to say the least, as Widowmaker will demand knowledge of every corner a map has to offer. Thankfully, to help you get there, you’ll be using a grappling hook, that will transport anywhere the zip struck. Once you find your hole, swiftly-arming venom mines will help secure it.


Although it may seem appealing, putting this into action will come as no easy task. Heroes possessing high mobility will be the death of Widowmaker, as they can only be avoided with a great wariness of surrounding.

As reluctant as it is, you’ll be required to leave your nest from time to time and search for different sniper locations. If you do not do so, she will stand no chance with her feeble survivability and poor close range damage. Regardless of these flaws, we’ll be taking a look at how to use the most out of Widowmaker with the help of this guide.

Therefore, as you might have concluded, Widowmaker is a defensive Hero. She’ll be useful as long as you obtain good positions and will perform better on Defense than Attack or Control maps. It is best to look for a spot that enables you to support your team while keeping a safe distance from the combat. From there on, she can overlook the Payload/Point, and provide cover for the team. Widowmaker’s recon visor will prove to be especially useful, as it will grant vision for a short time period, by detecting the heat out of enemy targets bodies. If used wisely, it could turn out to be a game changer.

Before we begin with an overview of Widowmakers abilities, we’ll be taking a look at why we are so persistent in preaching about the importance of her movement and positioning.

When going in sniper mode, Widowmaker will have to wait for one minute if she is to take the most out of her damage. You’ll also be facing a great deal of movement speed reduction while aiming, with every jump canceling the zoom and charge of your gun. Additionally, every shot will unveil your location, and it will be easy for enemy Heroes to track you down. If a team is to retreat, it will be your responsibility to swiftly position yourself and put some pressure on the attackers. With that said, let’s take a look at what this guide has to offer when it comes to Widowmaker ‘s abilities.

Widow’s Kiss: Assault (LMB)

First and foremost, the Widow’s Kiss will be the primary gadget you’ll be using. Hence, putting it into good use will be of vital importance. Understanding when to use the automatic fire could be frustrating at the beginning, as it will not cause the expected amounts of damage.

widowmaker widows kiss

Therefore, the left mouse button should be used on targets that have high mobility and would be otherwise hard to hit. It will help you to a certain amount in surviving close ranged combat, as it deals 13 damage per each successful bullet. Tracer and Genji would make good examples of potential encounters you will be facing. If they avoid your Venom Mine, you can use the automatic fire to initiate their activation yourself.

Another useful tip is to use automatic fire before initiating sniper mode, as it can decrease target health points to an amount that will enable you to finish him off with a charged or normal shot. The same works if you are to do the opposite. After landing a successful hit, it might take only a few shots from your automatic to finish off the target.

Widow’s Kiss: Sniper (RMB)

The Sniper mode of the Widow’s Kiss is presumably the real reason you were dragged into reading this Widowmaker guide.

widowmaker beginners guide

Damage dealt by this monstrosity will depend based on how long you’ve been holding the right mouse button. If you land a successful shot after a second of aiming, the damaged target will be receiving 120 dmg. On the contrary, you’ll be dealing between 15 to 120 damage with each bullet. However, if you are to hit a headshot, the damage will be multiplied by 2.5, causing you’re critical to deal up to 300 damage.

Still, do not get carried away by these numbers, as they will be useful only in the hands of few who know how to set their priorities right. Luckily, after reading this Widowmaker guide, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a part of that exceptional group.


Although it may vary from situations, Widowmakers priority should be low-health targets. Having a large output of damage, she can throw support heroes like Mercy, Lucio or Zenyatta out of the game, providing a significant advantage. It is also important to remember that the enemy snipers like Hanzo or another Widowmaker are your responsibility as well.

Hitting targets that possess high mobility will be the greatest of challenges when playing Widowmaker. Worst of all, most champions featured in this game are fast to a certain amount. Thus, be prepared to exit your sniper mode and make a switch to the assault.

Widowmaker overwatch guide

Do not leave out tanks from your kill-list, as a potential of 300 damage holds a threat to them too. However, they should be attacked under special circumstances, and by no means prioritized. For example, if a tank is isolated or there are no support or low-health targets for you to take. Torbjörn turrets should also be a significant target, as they can be taken out from a long range.

In the beginning, we’ve mentioned the importance of having a steady hand for this Hero. If you still feel shaky or insecure when playing with Widowmaker, it will take some time for you to develop the mechanics needed to take down offensive enemy Heroes. Moreover, it will be painful to watch attackers harassing you from close range.

A piece of good advice would be to focus only on hitting your targets wherever, and forgetting about the headshot multiplier. If you get carried away, you’ll probably end up missing more than hitting, which will lead only to frustration. Still, despite the troubles, once you master Widowmaker, Tracer, Genji and McCree will be falling down your scope at no time.

Grappling Hook (SHIFT)

Grappling Hook will be your main form of transport. With it, you’ll be able to reach the higher ground or go for a swift escape once you have been spotted. The possibilities do not end there, as you are free to use your creativity in any way you desire. Engage, disengage, whatever reaches its range is possible.

Overwatch guides

Higher ground will be crucial for you to get a good aim at the map. Use grappling hook and try not to be too obvious with the spots you pick and make it as hard as possible for enemies to reach you.

However, as creative as you might be, Genji will still have no problems climbing up to you. Reaper will have an even easier task. Though, that’s where we’ll be using our grappling hook for escaping close range combat. It’s important to guide yourself in the right direction, as little is required to put Widowmaker out of the game.

Occasionally, a mistake could lead to an unpredictable movement that may confuse your opponent and give you an advantage, but don’t rely on that too much.

Venom Mine (E)

Venom Mine will be your main weaponry for securing a safe sniper spot. Enemies that end up running into it will be trapped in a cloud of poisonous gas that deals damage over time. Keep close attention to the sounds around you, as hearing a triggered venom mine will give you enough time to evade a close-range ambush. With that mentioned, it is important to place your mines on unconventional and effective spots. Gratefully, they can be attached to almost any given surface. Make the best out of that possibility.

Widowmaker venom mine

Over the course of 5 seconds, the ability will be dealing 75 damage to targets affected by it. The damage may sound feeble, but it can mean a whole difference once you are attacked up close. It could be thrown even in the middle of the combat if the situation set’s itself up for that. Regardless, the Venom Mine will be best placed to use for the above mentioned strategic purposes.

Infra-Sight (Q)

Infra-Sight will not come useful only for Widowmaker but will benefit the whole team. When activated, your allies will be able to share your vision of the map, spotting enemies through objects for the next 15 seconds.

widowmaker ultimate guide

Just like wall-hack, you’ll be able to wait for your opponents, shoot in advance or repel a whole ambush knowing their plan and movement. Widowmakers disadvantage in close range will also be halved, as she’ll be able to stay one move ahead of her opponent.

So, you might be wondering when should you use Infra-Sight? Considering that it charges extremely fast, and time you decide to activate it, it will be of certain use. It would be best for you to let your intuition guide you on this one, as you’ll know when your Widowmaker is in the right position. Evade using it when Widowmaker and her team are not positioned or numbered to initiate combat.

With what Hero does Widowmaker synergize?

With Widowmaker, most of the time you’ll be left on your own. It’s hard to point out a Hero that goes well with Widowmaker, but some would suggest Torbjorn is the right choice.


While this might sound far-stretched, Torbjorn and Widowmaker can make for a mutual profit if they co-operate. If Torbjorn is to place his turret on an effective spot, he could additionally be supported by Widomaker. Confused by the encounter, enemies will be focused on the turret, providing enough time for Widowmaker to take her shot.

torbjorn overwatch

What Heroes is Widowmaker weak against?

Widowmaker is weak against Heroe’s that possess high mobility. She will also not be of great use if encountered by a tanky opponent. Therefore, if you run into Winston, you’ll be having a hard time saving Widowmaker even with the help of this guide!

  • Winston

  • Genji

  • Wrecking Ball

  • D. Vadva overwatch

What Heroes is Widowmaker strong against?

Widowmaker is probably the worst nightmare of every support or low-health Hero. Dealing up to 300 damage with a critical hit, she is capable of doing significant damage to anyone. Still, low-health targets should be prioritized.

  • Torbjorn

  • Pharah

  • Zenyatta

  • Mercy

  • Bastion


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