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Overwatch’s Baptiste Goes Live on March 19
Kaidan McNamee    2 months ago
He’s here at last—almost! Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste, goes live on all platforms on March 19! Baptiste has ge...
Los Angeles Valiant Relieves Head Coach Moon Mid-Season
Kaidan McNamee    2 months ago
The Los Angeles Valiant announced on March 11 that they will be relieving their head coach, Byungchul Moon. In the offic...
Titans and Defiant Headed to OWL Stage 1 Playoffs
Kaidan McNamee    2 months ago
With the stage one playoffs fast approaching, two more Overwatch League teams have joined the New York Excelsior at the ...
Chengdu Hunters Continue to Bewilder with Wild Strats
Kaidan McNamee    3 months ago
Overwatch League’s Chinese expansion team, the Chengdu Hunters, have delighted and confused fans all season with their...
Big Ups and Downs For Los Angeles Teams: OWL Update
Kaidan McNamee    3 months ago
Two Overwatch League Los Angeles-based teams, the Gladiators and the Valiant, have had a difficult second season. Headin...
Details in Overwatch PTR May Hint at New Map
Kaidan McNamee    3 months ago
Overwatch’s creators love dropping enticing hints at what might be coming next in their game, which leads to eagle-eye...
“Decay” Makes Much-Anticipated Debut in OWL
Kaidan McNamee    3 months ago
The Los Angeles Gladiators took the stage at Blizzard Arena with newcomer Gui-un “Decay” Jang on Zarya, and this OWL...
Meta-Changing Patch Currently in Overwatch PTR
Kaidan McNamee    3 months ago
The 3-3 meta—also known as GOATS—has been near-tyrannical in Overwatch, leading many to complain about the game’s...
SK Telecom T1 to Rebrand to T1 Esports Following Comcast Partnership
Shimeezy    3 months ago
South Korean telecom company and main sponsors of League of legends most successful organisation with American company ...
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