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He’s here at last—almost! Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste, goes live on all platforms on March 19!

Baptiste has generated considerable buzz ever since he dropped into the PTR (public test realm) for PC with Overwatch’s latest patch in late February. Baptiste is a support hero who comes with a whole slew of game-changing abilities. His most hyped is a deployable field that keeps any allies in its radius from dying while it’s active. He also comes equipped with Exo Boots, which gives him an appreciably higher jump after crouching.

I’m most excited about Baptiste’s secondary fire—okay, that’s a lie, I’m most excited about the space boots, but I’m also excited about the Biotic Launcher. This weapon launches projectiles that heal allies for 65 HP within a small radius when they land. Basically, think Ana’s Biotic Grenade, but without the cooldown! And this secondary fire is in addition to Baptiste’s Immortality Field and his Regenerative Burst. The latter heals him and nearby allies for 150 HP over several seconds.

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I haven’t been this excited about a new hero since Moira, and I think we’re all ready to see what changes Baptiste will introduce to the 3-3 meta. Be ready to add this new support hero to your healing arsenal starting March 19!


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