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The long-awaited OWL Playoffs Week 1 has come to a close and of the 8 teams that entered hopeful of claiming the championship trophy 2 have been eliminated, 4 have entered the loser’s bracket and 2 have advanced forward into the winner’s bracket. In case you missed it, this is how your favorite teams fared.

OWL Playoffs Week 1 Results

The Winners of OWL Playoffs Week 1

Of course, it’s impossible for all teams to be successful throughout a competitive week. These two teams did manage to pull through with some impressive wins and plays. And there’s no denying that they were the strongest OWL Playoffs Week 1 teams. So who are they?

vancouver titans owl season 2

The Titans stand strong!

The Vancouver Titans advanced forward 2 rounds and is one of the only 2 teams to finish the week undefeated. Their first win came over the Seoul Dynasty i n a series which looked Seoul favored through the first 3 maps, but a switch was flipped for the Titans who rolled the final 3 maps of the series to take the win and forcing the Dynasty into the loser’s bracket.

Their second win came against the Los Angels Gladiators in a contested series that ultimately went in the Titans favor as many predicted.

New York Excelsior OWL


In a surprising twist of fate, the New York Excelsior, to the shock of most, won both of their series this week. The team that is known for choking in the playoffs are currently undefeated. While this may be surprising enough, it’s even stranger since New York had their first losing stage ever in Stage 4, which was the first to enforce the 2-2-2 role lock rules. New York’s history of choking and their recent recent performance had them pegged by many as an early elimination but they certainly flipped that script by taking down the London Spitfire and the Atlanta Reign.

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The Losers of OWL Playoffs Week 1

Onto the losers then. Unfortunately, we must have teams that have done terrible. This is the same in every sport but it’s still disappointing seeing them suffer. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt these teams will improve their performance over time. As for their OWL Playoffs Week 1 results – not good.

Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League

The big cat slumbers…

The Seoul Dynasty were the first team eliminated from the playoffs, falling to both the Vancouver Titans in the first round and the Hangzhou Spark in the loser’s bracket. As if elimination wasn’t enough for fans of the Dynasty, the post-match interview with Overwatch legends ryujehong and tobi was absolutely heartbreaking.

The Dynasty fought hard but were underdogs in both matches and the results were not unexpected.


The Inaugural Season Championship Team, the London Spitfire, were also eliminated shortly after the Seoul Dynasty, being defeated by New York first and San Francisco in the loser’s bracket. The Spitfire entered the playoffs with momentum, coming off a win against the Shanghai Dragons to earn their playoff spot, but that momentum was quickly shut down when they were dominated by the New York Excelsior, a team that many expected to be the losers in this matchup.

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Their fate was all but sealed when they were then matched against the Shock in the loser’s bracket, a series which ended 4-0 in the Shock’s favor.

The Average Joes

The Gladiators had a fairly hot start to the week with a win against the Hangzhou Spark in a series that went 7 maps. Unfortunately for fans of the Glads, their next match was against the Vancouver Titans who showed us why they are the #1 overall seed by smashing the Gladiators 4-2 and sending them to the lower bracket.

LA Gladiators OWL Week 4


Unfortunately for Gladiators fans their seeding has them facing the San Francisco Shock next week as opposed to the Hangzhou Spark who they have already defeated. Their next match will be a tough one with the Shock being heavily favored to win, but we’ll have to wait and see how they fare.

The Shock dropped to the loser’s bracket immediately in their loss to the Gladiators but kept their season hopes alive by eliminating the Seoul Dynasty 4-1. Their match next week will be against the Atlanta Reign who, after a surprising win against the Shock, fell in their next match to the Excelsior.

san francisco shock owl

Fitting name 😀

This is a match that should go in Atlanta’s favor, but the Spark are one of those teams that seem to start off slow in a new meta and get stronger as it goes on. With Sigma in the picture now and 2 games under their belt, this could be the Spark’s time to show us what they’ve learned and capitalize on it.

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To say the Shock were a favorite to win the Championship going into the playoffs would not be an understatement. They have been the most consistent team all year, being a finalist in all 3 stage playoffs, winning the Stage 2 Finals. They were one of the top 2 teams in the GOATS meta and went 7-0 in Stage 4 with the brand new forced 2-2-2 role lock rules. Then the Shock9 happened. The Shock lost the final map of a 7 games series against the Atlanta Reign after failing to have a body on the payload, allowing Atlanta to sneak a win out from under them.


Moth’s face says it all as he stares in disbelief at his monitor after realizing that they had just lost the final map of the series; a map which was very winnable under the circumstances. They did bounce back very impressively though in their second match against the London Spitfire, dominating them in a clean 4-0, keeping their playoff hopes alive. Also, as a bonus for Shock fans, we saw the return of Nevix for map 4 of the series against the Spitfire. Next week the Shock will play against the Los Angeles Gladiators.

The Reign surged through Stage 4 to make it straight into the playoffs with their 7-0 record, leaving lingering thoughts in the minds of fans as to just how strong this team is in the current meta.


The Reign showed us that they are definitely a team to be reckoned with by taking down the San Francisco Shock in their first match in a nail biter of a series. Unfortunately for Reign fans, they were forced into the loser’s bracket after falling to the Excelsior in their second match. Next week we will see them go up against the Hangzhou Spark to see if they can keep their Championship dreams alive. All action can be watched on the official Overwatch League Twitch channel!

What’s your opinion on the teams now? Have a favorite for winning? Let us know in the comments below!

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