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Stage 1, Week One, Day One

First match: Philadelphia Fusion wins against London Spitfire, 3-1.

This spectacular nail-biter of an opening series has been brewing since Spitfire claimed victory against Fusion in last season’s championships. Fusion managed to pull this one out, yielding to Spitfire only on the third map, Volskaya Industries, and then only by a single point. They eked out one-point victories on the other maps. In a post-game interview, Carpe lamented that they didn’t manage a 4-0 sweep, but says the team is confident moving into their next match against the Atlanta Reign this Sunday.

Second match: New York Excelsior wins against Boston Uprising, 2-1.

This was a close series, but ultimately, NYXL came out on top, squeaking by to victory with two narrow wins, one close loss, and one draw. As predicted, Nenne and Fl0w3R have proven to be excellent additions to this roster—the damage Nenne poured out as Zarya today was downright scary. But I owe a huge hat-tip to support-main JJoNak’s Zenyatta play, which was outstanding this series.  


Third match: Seoul Dynasty wins against LA Gladiators, 3-1.

The final battle for Dynasty and the Gladiators came to a nail-biting close as Seoul Dynasty made an epic last push on Route 66. Having pushed the cart through the first point in overtime, Dynasty managed to cling to the payload through an additional two fights. The final fight was decided by each team’s respective Reinhardt—Fissure for Dynasty and rOar for the Gladiators. rOar’s slightly ill-timed and ill-placed Earthshatter opened up a golden opportunity for Fissure to drop his own, and without their shield-wielding tank to protect them, the Gladiators went down in a flash, leaving Dynasty to cap the final point and the series.

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Fourth match: Hangzhou Spark wins against Shanghai Dragons, 3-1.

Everyone send condolences to Shanghai Dragons fans—despite a shiny new roster and a fire lit under their heels, the Dragons couldn’t pull off a win against much-hyped newcomers, the Hangzhou Spark. However, this loss had nothing to do with the Dragons’ lurking curse. Spark was just really at the top of their game tonight, showing off their incredibly versatile hero pools and in-game adaptability. They were able to piece out the Dragons’ strategy in short order and protected their vulnerably support backline through several critical fights, thwarting the efforts of theDragons’ flanking Tracer and Sombra. Geguri, the League’s first female player, put up an amazingly good fight as Dynasty’s solo tank for several points.

But even her strong Wrecking Ball and D.Va couldn’t quite overcome Spark’s guxue and iDK, two of the League’s most hyped rookies. Hopefully the Dragons will quickly adjust to their last minute roster pick, Gamsu, and come back with a vengeance when they play against the Vancouver Titans on Saturday.

If you only look up one iconic moment from this match, make it Ria’s unbelievable D.Va ult on Hollywood. I’m going to be having nightmares about that one for weeks. And I’m guessing so too will OWL Season 2 viewers.

OWL Season 2

Be sure to check back here for more score reporting and match summaries as the new OWL Season 2 continues!


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