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OWL Week 4

Another fantastic week in the Overwatch League, complete with everything you could ask for. We saw new faces, we saw series that went the distance and we even saw some upsets to cap it all off. This first edition of the G4C Overwatch League Weekly Wrap-Up will cover the OWL Week 4 Overview. We will go into the most exciting moments and break down the “Winners” and “Losers” of the week.

New Faces

Both the Florida Mayhem and the Toronto Defiant have gone out and sought new talent to represent their organizations in the Overwatch League. However, the ways they have gone about picking up new talent have been very different. The Mayhem have acquired 4 new players from Korean Contenders. Meanwhile, the Defiant have acquired 2 faces that should be very familiar to Overwatch fans in North America and Europe.


They acquired support player RaiN from O2 Blast. That’s the team that finished in second place in Season 1 of Contenders Korea, in 2019. He played his first series against the Hangzhou Spark. From WGS Armament, the Mayhem have acquired and fielded DPS player DPI and Off-Tank Gargoyle. The latter also played against the Hangzhou Spark. Lastly, they have acquired Main Tank Karayan, also from WGS Armament, but he did not see play time. 


The Toronto Defiant have signed DPS player Mangachu. He is a former member of rosters such as XL2 Academy, Mayhem Academy and Overwatch World Cup Team Canada (2017, 2018). Mangachu played his first series against the Los Angeles Gladiators this week. Toronto has also acquired DPS player Logix from North American Contenders East team Montreal Rebellion. You may also remember Logix from the Overwatch League Season 1, where he was the bright spot of the lackluster Florida Mayhem. He played his first series this season against the Houston Outlaws.

And now, we move on to the well-established names in the Overwatch League and the true part of our OWL Week 4 Overview begins (not to downplay Toronto and Florida!)


Hangzhou Spark:

Hangzhou Spark OWL Week 4



The Spark had another stellar week. They took down the surging Los Angeles Valiant in an extremely close series that spanned 5 maps. They also absolutely dominated the Florida Mayhem in one of the most one-sided series we have ever seen in the Overwatch League. The Spark have locked in their place in the stage playoffs. They’ve shown us that they have what it takes to compete with the top teams in this stage of the League.

Philadelphia Fusion:

Philadelphia Fusion overwatch league


The Fusion have won their only series this week by defeating the Boston Uprising in a series that went the distance. Unfortunately, they have been eliminated from the stage playoffs based on their map differential.

New York Excelsior:

New York Excelsior OWL


New York have reverse swept the Dallas Fuel in their only series this week. They will most likely lock in a place in the stage playoffs.

Shanghai Dragons:

Shanghai Dragons OWL Week 4


The Dragons have won their only series this week by defeating the Guangzhou Charge 3-1. Thus, they’ve kept their stage playoff hopes alive. Diem had an especially strong performance on Widowmaker in this series. He has been pegged by casters and analysts as potentially the best Widowmaker in the world. We will need to see more from him with regards to this title, though. But if he can consistently dominate like he did against the Charge and their Widowmaker, Happy, then there may be some merit to it.

Houston Outlaws:

Houston Outlaws Overwatch


The Outlaws have won both of their series this week, defeating the Washington Justice 3-0 and the Toronto Defiant 3-1. With these wins and their +9 map differential, the Houston Outlaws have locked in a spot in the stage playoffs. These will be their first playoffs since the first stage of the Overwatch League Inaugural Season.

Vancouver Titans:

Vancouver Titans OWL Week 4


Last week, the Titans have bounced back from their first loss of the season. They also took down a tough opponent in the Los Angeles Gladiators rather handily. The series was a crisp 4-0 for Vancouver. We even got to see a glimpse of DPS-heavy compositions from the team, which many pegged as GOATS one-tricks.

Seoul Dynasty:

Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League


Seoul have taken down the Paris Eternal and the Chengdu Hunters this week, 3-1 in both sets. By doing so, they’ve locked in their place in the Stage 3 Playoffs.


London Spitfire:

London Spitfire OWL Week 4

London had a tough week. They lost to both the Los Angeles Valiant and the San Francisco Shock, 4-0 in both series. Thus, they have been eliminated from stage playoff contention. If they still want a shot at season playoffs, they will need to bounce back next stage.

Florida Mayhem:

Florida Mayhem Overwatch

Florida had the roughest performance we have seen from any team in a long time in their series against the Hangzhou Spark. A lot went into this, but most of it can probably be boiled down to the implementation of brand-new players to their lineup (RaiN, DPI and Gargoyle), as well as Hangzhou being on an absolute tear this stage. Hopefully these new players will become more comfortable with the remaining roster over the next month. Also, let’s hope that the Mayhem will at least be able to give a decent performance in stage 4.

Boston Uprising:

Boston Uprising Overwatch League

The Boston Uprising lost their only series against the Philadelphia Fusion, in a close series that went the distance. They have been eliminated from stage playoff contention; consequently, they will need an immaculate stage 4 if they still want to make it to the season playoffs.

Guangzhou Charge:

Guangzhou Charge Esports

The Charge lost their only series to the Shanghai Dragons, 3-1.

Dallas Fuel:

Dallas Fuel Overwatch Esports


Dallas suffered a heartbreaking reverse sweep at the hands of the New York Excelsior. This was the first time all season we got to see Taimou on stage; he spent the majority of his time on Sombra. Truth be told, his Sombra was rather good when it came to charging his EMP. But, his ultimate usage was less than satisfactory. If he can get better value from his EMP in future matches, then Dallas still has a decent shot at making season playoffs. Also, his Widowmaker was solid considering how little he played.

Toronto Defiant:

Toronto Defiant OWL

Toronto suffered losses at the hands of the Los Angeles Gladiators (4-0) and the Houston Outlaws (3-1). Some of this may have to do with the implementation of Mangachu and Logix. Mangachu played both series, while Logix only played the latter. On the bright side, Logix did show moments of brilliance on hitscan roles, especially on Widowmaker. He gave us a 4 elimination highlight on Horizon Lunar Colony. We will surely be seeing that on highlight reels for the rest of the season.

Paris Eternal:

paris eternal OWL Week 4

Paris lost their only series to the Seoul Dynasty (3-1).

Washington Justice:

Washington Justice Overwatch League Week 4

Washington lost their only series to the Houston Outlaws, but Washington losing is nothing new.


Chengdu Hunters:

Chengdu Hunters OWL

Chengdu started the week on a high note. They took down one of the best teams in the League, the San Francisco Shock. The series spanned 5 maps. Then. they followed that up by losing to the Seoul Dynasty (3-0), a team that few would argue is actually better than San Francisco.


Chengdu still remains the most unpredictable team in the League (they also made our OWL Week 4 Overview slightly more entertaining!)

San Francisco Shock:

San Francisco Shock Overwatch

The Shock started their week off by losing to Chengdu. However, they bounced back by slaughtering the London Spitfire, shutting them down and proving that they can still dominate matches.

Los Angeles Gladiators:

LA Gladiators OWL Week 4

The Gladiators won their first series of the week by dominating the Toronto Defiant. Albeit, they lost just as badly against the Vancouver Titans.

Los Angeles Valiant:

Los Angeles Valiant OWL

The Valiant took arguably the hottest team in the League, the Hangzhou Spark, to a map 5 – which they lost. However, they dominated the London Spitfire in their next match.

That would conclude this OWL Week 4 Overview. Stay tuned for future coverage of the Overwatch League.

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