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After a grueling wait, the new Paris map is finally live for Overwatch players on all platforms.

The new assault map, set in the city of love, spent three weeks in the public test realm (PTR) and was available only to PC players. Meanwhile, console gamers twiddled their thumbs, tuned in to Twitch streams, and anxiously awaited their turn to interact with these pianos everyone’s been talking about.

Paris map

The Paris map is very accommodating of Overwatch’s only French hero, Widowmaker, providing incredible amounts of open space and lots of perches and ledges sure to appeal to sniper mains. On the flip side, the sheer amount of space players will have to cross in Paris makes the map somewhat hostile to the currently popular GOATs meta, which features a three tank-three support team composition. Perhaps the addition of the Paris map to the competitive pool will force a return to DPS-centric metas. That would be good news for Widowmakers, who can dispatch a weakened DPS hero with a charged body shot.

We can expect to see the Paris map drop into competitive play sometime in the next few weeks, so now is a good time to get in practice in Arcade and Quick Play modes. Figure out the best strats for taking that tricky Point B, and figure out where to anticipate those sneaky headshots from Widowmaker as she flexes in her new home.


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