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Jaroslaw Jarzabkowski Pashabiceps at IEM Katowice got visibly emotional while carrying the trophy to the stage. As he is a fan favorite, many were wondering as to what troubled the player.

Recently, there was a breaking roster split in the Virtus.Pro, leaving only Pashabiceps and NEO in the team. As this set of unfortunate events unveiled, his future was pretty uncertain. In the end, on February 13, Virtus.Pro finally parted ways with the Polish powerhouse.

Pashabiceps, after being a well-known figure in Esports in his 15-year career, decided to retire. However, he announced that he still wants to stream and keep in touch with the fans.

He was chosen to have the honor of bringing the trophy out to commence the final Champions Stage of the IEM Katowice Major. A tribute to his long career played on the screens, reminding everyone of the great times and his career highlights.

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When he got out, it was apparent that the star was filled with emotions as he carried the trophy. He took a deep and long moment to remember the sight before placing the trophy on the podium.

Pashabiceps at IEM Katowice

When he got back home and started the first Twitch stream, Pasha opened up. He said that he couldn’t stay on the stage after delivering the trophy and had to run away because he started crying. He said he did not want to hide his emotions from the viewers, though.

Because he was so upset, he went on to say that he asked his wife to drive back home as he wasn’t able to. He described the day, unfortunately, as a “heartbreaking” one filled with “a lot of emotion”.

As he made it clear that he still wants to stream on Twitch, his gaming career is not over. However, we have to wonder if he is going to take the same path as other retired professionals and make some on-air talent appearances.

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