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Patch 9.5 brings reworks to two of League’s oldest champions Kayle and Morgana along with  a whole host of other buffs, nerfs and new Brand skin along with the third K/DA Prestige skin this time for Ahri.

Rakan and Akali received compensation buffs after Riot had been systematically nerfing them over the past few months in order reduce their effectiveness after several months of dominance in pro play.

Skarner’s spires now can no longer be seen on the mini map by the opposing team and the spire at his red buff had its range increased.

lol patch 9.5

Vi received a mini rework as her attack speed growth was lowered, her Q vault breaker had its damage lowered but no longer deals reduced damage to non-champions. Her passive received a health ratio buff and has its cooldown reduced whenever denting blows procs which also received a buff and her ultimate has longer cooldown and lower ratios but higher base damage.

In  runes aftershock and conqueror received nerfs while cut down received a buff.

Cho’gath, Dr. Mundo, Jhin, Gangplank and Tryndamere received minor buffs while Sylas and Nunu received nerfs and a bug fix for Rek’sai along with damage changes for the ARURF mode.


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