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Team Penta head analyst interview

A few days earlier, an interview has been made with PENTA head analyst – Jessica “Jess” Bolden – where she expressed her thoughts on the team’s performance during the event.

Team PENTA is a professional German esports club founded in 2013. Currently, the team stands ranked third in the EU, with 21 points, falling behind to the second-best team, the French LeStream, that currently has 26 points. The team has achieved 6 victories, 3 losses and 4 draws in 13 games, which puts them in a tight knot with team CHAOS, that has the same amount of points.

Since last year, they have acquired Melbourne, Australia native Jessica “Jess” Bolden as their head analyst.  She began her journey into the competitive R6 scene playing with low-tier teams in New Zealand and Australia, managing to break through the lines while still being on her postgraduate studies. When given the opportunity to join PENTA, she fled the ANZ Challenger League scene, and luckily was selected as the new head analyst for the team.

Team Penta head analyst interview

So far, she has achieved a German title at the Castle Siege 2018 tournament and saw her team qualify for the Six Invitational 2019 thanks to previously great results at the French6Cup and DreamHack Winter in 2018.

It came to many as a shock when team PENTA managed to knock out one of Europe’s greatest, team LaStream at the Six Invitational. Sadly, the momentum stopped, as the team was eliminated in the next fixtures. Jess also holds to her name the defeat of Team Empire, and can still lead PENTA to the Milan R6 Season IX Playoffs.

Team Penta head analyst interview

How did the team perform in the Invitationals?

When asked about how team PENTA performed during the Invitational, Jess replied that she felt unlucky that team ended up being in the “death” group. If cards were dealt differently, she believes her team could have gone to the top six of the competition. Considering the short time she has been with the team, a major achievement was just getting them to the Invitationals.

How did the team prepare for the event?

When it comes to the preparations of the team for the event, she stated that they wanted to take the sting out of the aggressive gameplay that will be forced upon them, predicting some of the outcomes and taking them into their advantage.
She also added that one of the main advantages that EU meta brings is a calculated approach to the game, which requires a risk calculated approach with lots of strategies involved in it.

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Jess was quick to praise one of her start players “Hungry”. He had an outstanding year, and the head analyst is utterly pleased with his performance as Smoke main. She went even further as stating that he could be looked upon as one of the best Smokes in the world so far.
On the other hand, “SirBoss” did not get the same amount of attention, as he didn’t manage to shine and bring out the best of him. This is just a phase that can be overcome, as she has great belief in her teams potential.

Team Penta head analyst interview

 Which team will end up in the grand finals?

Jess picked NORA-Rengo as one of the grand-finalists and title contenders of the Six Invitational.
Well, we guess she was wrong on this one, but it certainly did look as they will be going straight for the finish line.

Closing words of the interview

In her closing words, Jess expressed great appreciation to all of the support team PENTA has received from the fans over the last few months. She has appealed to everyone who has any doubts about the Siege Six scene to step up and ask questions. Her ultimate goal is to take everyone involved in Siege on a higher level and ensure a better community for the future generations of Siege.

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