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Mario and Peach in a romantic embrace

Romances. Aren’t they just lovely? In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 Perfect Video Game Romances.  It’s not surprising playing a game, going through the story and having your character find a suitable partner for themselves. We’ve seen it countless times from game studios (Mass Effect romance options woohoo!). However, some romances are better than others. So, let’s start with the list!

Caution – Spoilers ahead!

5. Red Dead Redemption (John & Abigail)

First off, you cannot talk about video game romances without talking about John and Abigail from Red Dead Redemption. Although this romance took place in the wild west, John speaks so kindly and is so flattering when talking about Abigail. In addition, John and Abigail’s love does end with John’s demise at the end of the game’s story mode. But while they were together, their love was undeniably strong.

4. Kingdom Hearts (Kairi & Sora)

Next, we are going to talk about Kairi and Sora of Kingdom Hearts. Kairi and Sora are young, passionate lovers, who cannot seem to get enough of one another. These two face many hardships, which typically consist of the pair getting separated, and reuniting.

Each of these moments is heartwarming, but in particular, when Sora becomes a heartless, it is the heart of Kairi who saves him. The pair seem to be destined for one another, and it is like the two are soulmates.

3. Uncharted (Nathan & Elena)

The third of the five video game romances we are going to analyze is Nathan and Elena from Uncharted. These two seem to be a more realistic couple, and have even broken up in every single Uncharted game. However, the two, just like Kairi and Sora continue to get back together with one another, and their true love cannot be held apart.

Nathan seems to get in a lot of trouble. This is one of the things that has kept Elena away from him. But Elena’s constant angel like heroics that save Nathan every time lead to the couple reuniting and sharing their love again.

As the pair become more and more interlocked, they seem to become more comfortable and trustworthy of one another through all of the dangerous situations and adversity they overcome together.

2. The Legend of Zelda (Link & Zelda)

The fourth gaming romance we are going to look at is between Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda. The relationship of Link and Zelda has been a founding video game romance for the gaming community.

Since the romance dates back to the 80s, the pair have been together practically forever, and although they haven’t always been “dating”, we have always been able to notice potential love interest between the two. As The Legend of Zelda series continues, it is amazing to see the attraction between the duo grow.

1. The World of Mario (Mario & Peach)

The last of the video game romances that we are going to talk about is one we could not leave off this list, and that is Mario and Peach. Whenever someone thinks of a gaming romance, Mario and Peach are typically the first romance they think of.

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Mario and Peach have gone through a lot throughout the Mario series, including Peach’s captivity in Bowser’s kingdom, and Mario’s saving of Peach from Bowser. Although the couple have gone through a lot more in the series, this is really the foundation of their relationship and is when Peach and Mario develop their true chemistry.

Mario, being an Italian Plumber and Peach, being a princess shows that no matter who you are or what social class you belong to, you can find love with someone else.

We are all one race, the human race. So let’s treat one another this way.

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