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It’s that time of the year again folk. Some of you have to get back to school. Some of you have to get back to college… And some of us need to get their butts back to work after a round of summer holidays. What I’m trying to say here is that the new seasonal cycle is kicking off and with it, new installments of the most popular football simulations. As every year, the all-new Pro Evolution Soccer title comes roughly a month earlier than FIFA. So far, we’ve only got the demo available with the full game being scheduled to release in a couple of weeks. So, while we’re at it, why don’t we warm up our gamepads, download the game and see what brand-new PES 2019 DEMO features bring this time around!

PES 2019 DEMO Features | Gameplay Improvements

There are several new features that KONAMI labels as game-changing. And it’s true – PES 2019 Demo features improved gameplay mechanics at every step of the way. It’s nothing game-changing as Konami labels it… but it is still a noteworthy improvement in contrast to the last season’s title. So, without further ado, let’s check out the good and bad sides of PES 2019 Demo!

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The Good

Visaible Fatigue

One of the most popular talking subjects as far as PES 2019 DEMO features were concerned is the all-new Visible Fatigue. From now on, players will show visible signs of fatigue and tiredness. Not only will they not be as effective and clinical as usual but they’ll also show different animations and could risk potential fatigue-related injuries. It’s a welcome addition that’s for sure – brings another layer of immersion to the game which is always a big plus.

Quick Subs

FIFA 18 brought an interesting new feature which allowed players to quickly set up and execute substitutions without having to pause the game. PES 2019 DEMO features the exact same thing but with a slightly different style. Quick Subs is the name of this new feature and it basically does just that – allows you to make a quick substitution. This feature is tightly connected to Visible Fatigue. Fatigued players will ask to be subbed out and you’ll be able to do it a lot quicker with Quick Subs feature than what would be the case in PES 2018.

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Ball Physics

There is one thing that gets improved with every new installment of PES series. Of course, I am referring to ball physics which are, yet again, experiencing significant changes. During your first match of PES 2019 DEMO you will realize just how different it is from the last year’s edition. It feels more natural, especially with curved balls which don’t have such a strong curve anymore. However, there are certain drawbacks to new ball physics that people who play eSports for money won’t really appreciate…


Barca players celebrating a goal in PES 19

Image Courtesy: Konami

The Bad

Ball Physics

Coming from a FIFA fan, I still don’t like how players react once they get the possession of the ball. It seems rather unnatural. Plus, even though the ball is now clearly a separate entity from the players (and the pitch), its trajectory is still of questionable quality. It has come a long way over the course of last 2 or 3 installments of PES, but it’s still not at the level of FIFA… at least in my honest opinion.

Terrible Player Switching

This issue drags from a few series already – terrible player switching. It all started back in 2017 but transformed to PES 2018 as well. After the 2018 demo, Konami promised its fans they will fix it but the full release didn’t leave them satisfied. The same thing goes for PES 2019 DEMO as well. There is somewhat of a delay between player switching. This means that, even when the game switches to the correct player, there will be a slight delay between the reactive player animation.


As far as the graphics are concerned, everyone seems to be amazed. „PES always has better graphics than FIFA“ – this is one of the most common comments on various FIFA vs PES comparisons on YouTube. As a matter of fact, not just YouTube but virtually everywhere. Let me go out on a limb here and state that I do not share the same opinion.

Yes, the lightning in PES games is a ton better than FIFA, there’s no point in denying that. Texture-wise, the games are pretty much head to head. But… there is one big aspect of the whole presentation (read graphics) that often goes unmentioned. It’s a real shame though, especially since that’s the most crucial factor for immersion.

PES 2019 DEMO features stunning graphics

Of course, I am talking about animations. PES 2019 DEMO hasn’t swept me off my feet with its animations. Players are still shifting from one position to another, cutting halfway through animations and looking outright stupid. FIFA, on the other hand, looks to be on a whole another level. I’m sorry PES fans – it’s just the way it is…

Adios UEFA Competitions Licenses

FIFA 19 has several new features but one of the most heavily advertised ones is related to licensing. I’m sure most of you know that PES has had UEFA competitions’ licenses for quite some time now. Finally, FIFA managed to snatch them with means there will be no Europa League and Champions League in PES 2019… Well, at least not in the official form.

On the bright side, PES games are widely known for their modability. In other words, you can expect modders and hardworking people from the community to roll up their sleeves and provide you with fully licensed teams, kits, competitions and player names pretty soon after the game’s release. Keep in mind though – these mods don’t work on console versions of the game… cough, cough – PC MASTER RACE – cough, cough…

Still not a finished product…

In the end, I would just like to state that you should take everything that’s been said here with a big, fat, juicy grain of salt. Why? Well, it’s quite simple actually – we are talking about PES 2019 DEMO features and not the full game. There are things (many things to be honest) that will be changed come the release date. Among the most crucial issues that require immediate fixing is that awful player switching system. It’s breaking the game (at least for me) to the point of wanting to smash my controller off the ground like in the good old days of Winning Eleven on my PS2… Ahh, the memories…

If Konami doesn’t fix these issues, PES 2019 will be a big flop, at least in my eyes. PES eSports betting scene will suffer too as professional tournaments won’t be able to attract highly skilled players with such big issues. Hopefully, the hardworking Konami developers know what they are doing… Hopefully, they’ll provide all of us with a decent football simulation, worthy of going head to head with FIFA 19! Is it too much to ask? I think not!


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Remi Fujisawa
3 years ago

I can feel that sooner or later PES will catch up to FIFA!

Randalph Patrick
3 years ago

Sometimes the rumors are true! TBH, PES is sh*t 😀

Alber Nucci
3 years ago

When it comes to Graphics I’ll go with FES but when it comes to gameplay I’ll go with FIFA.

2 years ago