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pgl fifa 19 masters

The PGL FIFA 19 Masters are just two days away and with a prize pool of 30, 200 Us dollars and 6, 280 Global series points to be shared, there is a lot to play for especially as the race for  Global series playoffs slot becomes intense for players who have not still secured their spots.

An exciting feature which the PGL is offering streamers in this tournament is the ability to choose the players game they want to watch from the 16 matches that will be streamed and this is a very much welcomed feature as it will allow viewers to not only watch their favourite gamers but switch between matches.

plg fifa 19 masters points distribution

Now the format of the PGL FIFA 19 masters will take a Swiss group format with 32 players, with 16 each from Xbox and Ps4 gamers on both sides and each game will be played in FIFA ultimate mode with freedom of players to use their ultimate team. The winners from each console will go head to head in the cross finale both guaranteed 850 global series points but competing for the 10,000 US dollar prize.

Looking at the list of players from the PS4 side, there are notable absences seen with Nicolas and Vitality Maestro,PS4 number 1 and 2 globally respectively not in the event and also on the Xbox side of things, Msdossary who just won the eSaudi League and eMBS completing the Saudi double  and PSG daxe, the enations League winner alongside Maestro is also not in the player line up for this event. However, there is a little worry for these gamers as they have all but secured their place in the Global series playoffs.

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There are also a lot of gamers to watch in the event with the likes of NYC_Chris, Hashtag Ryan, M10Ustin, FUTWIZTom, Ajax Dani, Vitality Rafsou, Zezhino and of course the F2Tekkz ….it will be interesting to see if Tekkz can win his 4th PGL hosted event.

The PGL FIFA 19 Masters is definitely going to be a cracker and you should watch it


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