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Philadelphia Fusion is a team representing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and is famous in the Overwatch League. The market is rapidly growing and the team is looking to seriously treat itself with something huge. Namely, recently it was announced that the team will build a $50 million Esports arena, the first in the USA. This Philadelphia Esports Arena is definitely going to be a sight to behold.

Philadelphia Esports Arena

Comcast is the company that owns Philadelphia Fusion. The company plans to make the move on the 47-acre site during summer 2019. The building will be stationed in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, a place that is already well-known as the home to many of the city’s traditional sports teams.

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Well, with the price of fifty million dollars, naturally it is expected for it to be seriously well equipped. The arena is going to feature a training facility, its own broadcast studio, and the team’s offices. They are not screwing around at all.

Of course, they can’t leave the bits that let them enjoy themselves. They’ll have two balcony bars to lounge, club seats with USB ports. For the viewers, flexible loge boxes will be built, along with some exclusive seat space.

In Asia, it’s already common to have all these little perks, though. Adding them here will put the West Esports scene on par to the Asian one. That is not a small thing because Asians already invested dizzying amounts of money into the industry.

Let’s not forget that the team will not be in this arena 24/7. During free time, the arena can be a big source of income – it could be rented for other live events as a venue. The overwatch League seasons usually begin in February and end in August. Playoffs and championship games mostly happen in September, so this should leave plenty of time for this building to be rented out.

Philadelphia Esports Arena

The arena is planned to be open in 2021 with 3500 seats and will have 60,000 square feet (around 5574 square meters). The Philadelphia Esports Arena is surely going to be an important build, and with the industry continually growing, I’m sure we will see more of similar things and buildings emerge soon. Buckle up – you will probably find yourself in a dedicated Esports arena at some point in your life.

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