Hello and welcome to the Abed Player Profile.

Birthday: August 2nd, 2000
Nationality: Filipino
Role: Midlane
Winrate: 59%
Earnings: $316,852
World Rank: 13

Azel L. „Abed“ Yusop Player Profile

Hello and welcome to the Azel L. „Abed“ Yusop Player Profile. Today we’re going to talk about the best Meepo player in the Dota 2’s competitive scene history. From starting to play Dota 2 at his family’s PC Cafe to becoming a distinguishable micro-management professional, we present to you – Abed.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Azel L. “Abed” Yusop was born in 1st class city Dasmarinas of Philippines on August 2nd,2000. He was raised by his parents who own a small PC cafe close to their home, in which Abed would spend most of his childhood.

In 2014, Abed started playing Dota 2 becoming a SEA sensation through MMR-leaderboards with his signature heroes Meepo and Invoker. Just a year later he was starting to be noticed by the ‘eye’ of the professional scene which led him to join his first pro-team MSI-EvoGT.

Shortly after, the team was rebranded into Trackmate, where Abed for the first time stepped onto the pro-scene in MPGL Season 7 in March 2015 and was spotted by RR who invited him to join Execration. Before joining a more serious team, Abed had a tough decision to make. Will he continue going to school, or fully pledge to the professional scene?

With the support of his loving father, Abed accepted the contract in January 2016 and joined the organization. Although they failed to qualify for premier-events during their beginning, they did manage to get an invitation to the TI6.

By going 18:0 on Meepo against compLexity Gaming during the wildcard-stages at the TI6, exhibiting his mechanical skill by reaching 1200 XPM and 900 GPM, Abed shocked the world. But he alone couldn’t win the competition, as the team lost to Escape Gaming in the following game.

Abed finally found a team where he could feel like he's among his kind.

Image courtesy: Fnatic

As a result of showing huge potential, team-change was inevitable. On April 14th, 2017, Abed joined Team Onyx, but only to join Digital Chaos a few months later. Finally, he met his dream-team on November 8th, 2017, when he joined Fnatic. With iceiceice, MP, Jabz, and DJ, Abed feels like he’s among his kind for the first time.

What is Abed’s Team Role?

Throughout his life of playing Dota, Abed was immediately hooked up by the most challenging role the game had to offer. With his micro-management and swiftness like no other, while possessing the ability to outmaneuver multiple opponents at the same time, Abed is a role model to Midlaners around the world.

  • Midlane

His passion for the 1v1 duel, map control and pure dominance throughout the game was obvious to see from his early Dota 2 days. Above all distinguishable mechanics and outstanding map awareness, Abed is known to be the best at what he does.

In the Abed Player Profile you will find out why is he the best micro-management professional in the Dota 2 competitive scene.

Image courtesy: 7wallpapers.net

His signature Meepo is yet to be matched, and with this, we conclude our Azel L. „Abed“ Yusop Player Profile.

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What are Abed’s accolades?

  • Abed reached 8000 MMR on August 6th, 2016.

  • Abed reached 9000 MMR on March 19th, 2017, becoming the first Filipino to reach the milestone.

  • On June 25th, 2017, Abed became the first player to reach 10,000 solo MMR.

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