Hello and welcome to the Clement "Puppey" Player Profile.

Birthday: March 6th, 1990
Nationality: Estonian
Role: Support
Winrate: 68%
World Rank: 1

Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov Player Profile

Hello and welcome to Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov Player Profile. Today we’re going to talk about the most successful and storied players of all time who isn’t afraid to experiment, even at important matches. Despite that he plays Support most often, Puppey is effective in any role, and by his words:

„Everyone must forget the words CARRY/SUPPORT/GANKER, this is all rubbish. If you want to be useful, to win the game, you must play on all heroes, instead of crying like a baby when you have to play carry.  – Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov was born in Estonia on March 6th, 1990. His first footsteps onto the Dota 2 pro-scene emerged with Na’Vi among the popular faces such as Dendi and Artstyle. They started their competition at The International 2011 and immediately clicked as a team. From going undefeated throughout the whole tournament, Na’Vi won the first-ever TI and the $1,000,000 grand prize.

They continued with another straight victory at the ESWC 2011, where they took $12,000 in the bag. What’s important to mention is that in both of these tournaments, Puppey and Dendi’s combo demonstrated the unpredictable Chen’s ability to hook heroes back to base with the help of his friend Pudge. Nobody has ever done this in the History of Dota.

Shortly after Artstyle’s departure from Na’Vi, Puppey became the team leader in October 2011. After the TI1, Puppey with unparallel leadership went on to captain Na’Vi to a successful second place in both TI2 and TI3, and countless other 1st to 4th place finishes at premier events. After coming out as 7th place at the TI4, it was clear to see that Na’Vi wasn’t the force it once was.

This pushed Puppey, along with KurokyFlyN0Tail, and s4, to form a team that would be run by players – Team Secret. Leading the team, Puppey and Team Secret won their first LAN tournament at The Summit 3. Moreover, Team Secret looked dominant the months before The International 2015, but only managed to finish 7th.

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After The International 2015, Team Secret dismantled, with only Puppey remaining. Puppey then formed a new team around himself, striving to once again claim the title of grand champion.

In the Clement "Puppey" Player Profile you will find out that Puppey is still kicking with Team Secret 'till this very day.

Image courtesy: Team Secret

Team Role

Throughout his life of playing DotA, Puppey played all the roles game had to offer. But seeing that the pro-scene was lacking Supports, he tactically selected his role.

  • Support

His captain’s voice is best heard from the Support role. While flawless placement warding, with quick and accurate rotations, Puppey always manages to operate his team in the right direction.

His signature supports picks: Bounty Hunter, Enchantress, and legendary Chen.

Rarely who can forget the legendary Chen+Pudge combo that te duo-dynomo Puppey-Dendi pulled out on The International 2011.

Image courtesy: dotabuff.com

With this, we conclude our Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov Player Profile.


  • Puppey has actively competed in every International – a record only matched by KuroKy and DDC.

  • On October 9th, 2016, EternalEnvy released a blog post accusing Puppey and Kemal of mishandling tournament winnings, as well as taking a 10% pay cut without the knowledge of the other players. The post later went on to claim that Puppey had also physically threatened team members, most notably w33, and a video was released showing Puppey destroying a monitor


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