Daniel "dafran" Francesca Player Profile

Birthday: December 27, 1993
Nationality: Danish
Role: DPS
Earnings: $7,151 (from tournaments)

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca Player Profile

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca is considered to be one of the most controversial streamers to hit the Overwatch community. During his prime in Overwatch Season 2, a highlight or a social media thread without the 25-year old’s name being mentioned was considered an unimaginable act. This puts Dafran’s player profile as one of the most influential ones in the recent Overwatch history.

Prior to his rise in the Competitive ladder and the Selfless Gaming draft, the Dane spent his hours flipping burgers at McDonald’s. From the beginning, no path of roses was written for Dafran, as his whole professional Overwatch player profile stays remarked by constant rise and falls.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Daniel was born in Denmark on December 27th, 1993, and made his first major tournament appearance in 2016. Defran represented team Denmark during the qualifier rounds of the Overwatch World Cup tournament.

With his high rank and raw talent, there was no lack of potential seen in this player. First to spot this was Selfless Gaming, who heavily capitalized on his abilities. With Selfless Gaming, Dafran has participated in various Overwatch tournaments, being placed first at Enter The Arena: Overwatch, Rivalcade Weekly #1 North America, Rivalcade Weekly #2 North America and Overwatch Rumble – May. He has also finished Season 9 ranked third in the World.

Dafran Overwatch Player Profile

Although proven to be an outstanding player, Defran certainly didn’t show any shortage of attitude to come with the status. It didn’t take long for his troublesome side to splash out, as he was tagged early on in his career to possess a seeming lack of antics.

Defran got into the center of attention with his deliberate throws in Overwatch’s ranked competitive mode. He also used every given opportunity to provoke or shock the audience during his streams. One of the more memorable stuns he has done, was streaming Neokopara atop of his Overwatch matches.

This kind of behavior didn’t go without consequences, as he received suspensions both from his team and Blizzard. By receiving the ban, Dafran was deprived of participating in professional Overwatch tournaments and ranked competitive matches.

Stunts and throws he was pulling out during competitive Season 5 later proved to be purposeful, as he has said that such means were necessary in order for him to get out of the professional Overwatch. Defran found his reasons in Overwatch competing making him very depressed and bored. After these events, he has retired from playing professionally.

Dafran Overwatch League competition

Image credits go to Robert Paul

Many were left wondering will there ever be a comeback to his professional play, when in October of 2018 all silence was placed to rest. It was announced that Dafran got signed by the Overwatch team Atlanta Reign. His return was marked by great commercial success, as he broke the custom jersey sale record after completing the stage.

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This did not last long, as Dafran retired from professional playing once again, on March 28th, 2019. Fans were shocked by the sudden crossover, but once again got the same answer, as he has stated that the pressure of being a professional player is too much. However, Dafran did not end his partnership with the team, as he has been transferred to the Atlanta Reign’s Overwatch stream team.

Not favored by the critics, but certainly loved by the crowds, Daniel “Dafran” Francesca’s Player Profile will be remembered by the highly unapologetic nature of the Overwatch All-Star.

The teams Dafran played Overwatch for are:

Selfless Gaming

NRG Esports (Streamer)

Atlanta Reign

Present: Atlanta Reign (Streamer)

What is Dafran’s Overwatch team role?

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca’s showed most prolific knowledge at his most common team role of DPS. With his great capability to cause insane amounts of damage while effectively escaping, he has left an unforgiving mark on Soldier: 76. This got him called the “Human Aimbot. Aside from soldier, his DPS role was also characterized by Tracer, another signature hero from his list. He is also considered by many to be one of the mechanically most gifted players. o

What are Dafran’s  accolades?

Dafran finished Overwatch Season 6 placed second in the EU.
Was ranked third in the world after Overwatch Season 9
Was consistently reaching rank 1 on both EU and NA Overwatch Competitive Ranked latters.

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