Pine OW Profile

Birthday: August 15, 1997
Nationality: South Korean
Role: DPS
Earnings: $115,815

Do Hyeon “Pine” Kim Player Profile

Although there are numerous players in the Overwatch League worthy of appraisal, only one gets to be called the “Big Boss“. We will be going through Do Hyeon “Pine” Kims Player Profile to find out how he earned to be considered one of the most influential players in the game.

Before the colors of New York Excelsior got wrapped around his name, the 21-year-old Korean went through a rough patch in order to achieve his goal of becoming a professional player. From experiencing ADHD as a child to battling depression later on in his career, Pine stands as an inspiration to everyone struggling to achieve their dreams.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Do Hyeon “Pine” Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea on August 15, 1997, and began his professional Overwatch career in 2016, with the team Luxury Watch.

During his childhood, Pine experienced ADHD. Such disorder resulted in him having little or no friends until his 2nd year of middle school, as he faced difficulties socializing with people.

Kim began playing badminton during his 3rd year at school, and that’s when his social life started changing for the better. Although enthusiastic about pursuing badminton professionally, circumstances had other plans for Pine. A toe injury prevented him from continuing to perform. Being unable to play badminton, he turned to his other passion, video games.

Pine New York Excelsior Profile

Photo Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Pine mostly stuck to FPS games after encountering Sudden Attack, a title popular amongst many professional Korean players. However, the first game that got him renewed for his talent was Team Fortress 2. Since this game was mostly associated with Western players, Pine ‘s player profile got left undiscovered for wider audiences. However, this did not stop him from participating at UGC and Asiafortress, displaying his artistry with Sniper.

Most often, Pine played TF2 on an MGE server, which meant he got to encounter different sets of players and face them 1v1. Such an open approach to facing opponents did transit to his Overwatch playstyle later on. Another perk that came along with this game was the English language, as he ended up learning more of it from his online experiences than from school.

After high school, Pine spent most of his time playing video games. However, this did not come to approval by his parents. Ever since middle school, they have grown concern about his time spent on the computer. They wanted him to pursue another path in life, particularly education, so their relationship has been deteriorating over the years.

Even though his true passion was to become a professional player, Pine eventually went on to study Culinary Arts. Nonetheless, during his first year of studies, Overwatch came out. Pine decided to try out the game and borrow an ID from his friend. Soon enough, the perfect recipe was to be discovered.

Just how much Pine enjoyed playing this game, tells the fact that he ended up skipping all of his exams. Not only did he neglect his studies, but grow even fonder to undertake the path of a professional gamer. A fact that shouldn’t be left unmentioned is Kim’s former in-game nickname. Before the nickname “Pine” came to light, Kim’s signature was “Chicken“. As he didn’t like it, he adopted Pine, a nick suggested to him by a friend.

Pine Overwatch NYXL

Photo Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With such devotion, Pine ‘s player profile did not go unnoticed for long. First to profit from his acquisition was the South Korean Overwatch team “LW Red” in 2016. He went on to win the OW Invitational League with them under the name “Penguin“.

Although achieving accomplishments, Pines parent’s opinion still strongly opposed his decision to play video games. However, Pine did not stay unseen in the OW community and soon got invited to a game TV show. This affected Pine becoming even more popular in Overwatch. With all the signs telling them the contrary, Pines parents eventually decided to be more supportive of his choice to pursue a career in games.

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He would eventually abandon his studies in favor of going fully professional as a gamer. In 2017, Pine alongside other members of the LW Blue got acquired by the OW team New York Excelsior. The roster would immediately stand out, dropping the Overwatch League Inaugural Season title to London Spitfire.

During this time, Pine would get subbed in and immediately send shivers down the enemy spines, as he was capable of overturning games in an instance. He got highly praised for his McCree plays, ultimately earning the nickname “Big Boss Pine“. However, such a title did come with a price, as he has stated that it places to much pressure on him. Fearing that he could not keep up performing to the standards expected from him, Pine started becoming anxious and depressed.

All of this resulted in Pine taking a break. Fighting depression at a young age can be devastating. Being far away from home and friends also didn’t help the cause. However, Pine was not alone in this fight, as he had support from the whole community and his team. One of the persons to thank for Pine coming back to OW is his Player Manager Andrew Kim. Previously experiencing depression himself, he was able to help Pine overcome the problem.

Having overthrown his personal problems, the Big Boss was ready to step back into the OWL Stage 3. Once again, crowds were left numb by his display of versatility on Hitscan heroes. NYXL would proceed to win the Stage.

It was during Stage 4, that many felt NYXL is lacking its previous momentum. However, they still managed to reach the Stage Title Match but fell to Los Angeles Valiant. Rough times would continue for NYXL, as they got eliminated in Inaugural Season Playoffs to Philadelphia Fusion. Another defeat was conceived at the Overwatch League – 2019 Stage 1 Playoffs against Seoul Dynasty.

Regardless of the results, Pine continued to impress, making his player profile inevitable in any highlight video.

The teams Pine played Overwatch for are:

LW Red

LW Blue

New York Excelsior

What is Pines Overwatch team role?

Pines role in NYXL is that of a DPS. Although playing with an extremely high DPI, thanks to the persistent practice and FPS experience, he is able to produce high reflexes while maintaining pinpoint aim. Being distinguished by an aggressive approach, champions like McCree allow Pine to quickly punish enemies or lure them out. While playing Widowmaker, Pine is renewed for his ability to switch the play by finding new flanking paths.

However, some consider the reason Pine being a substitute lies in his high-risk high-reward plays, which often result in breaking the team’s gameplay and draining healing resources.

Pine Overwatch Player Profile

What are Pines accolades?

Pine finished first in Overwatch Power League – Preseason with LW Red

Finished first at the OWL in Inaugural Season Stage 2 Title Matches with NYXL

Was first at the OWL in Inaugural Season Stage 3 Title Matches with NYXL

Was first at the OWL in Overwatch League – Inaugural Season with NYXL

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