Emil Magisk Reif player profile

Birthday: March 5th 1998
Nationality: Danish
Role: Lurker
Earnings: $700,000.00

Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif – Player Profile

Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif, previously known by the name Magiskb0y another Danish superstar that takes on the lurker role of Astralis’s premier lineup. The lurker role requires Magisk to be the risk taker pushing into new areas of the map to gain information for the rest of his team. A little easier to workout but Emil’s gaming alias is derived from the Danish equivalent of the word magical. Since Magisk joined the roster leaving behind Team Dignitas, Astralis have remained in the rank 1 global position, that’s quite an accolade! Emil is also the youngest member of the Astralis starting lineup with the possibility ahead of him of earning a million US dollars in prize money before his twenty first birthday.

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