Hello and welcome to the Daryl Koh „iceiceice“ Pei Xiang Player Profile, one of the most down-to-earth professionals in the Dota 2's competitive scene.

Birthday: August 17th, 1990
Nationality: Singaporean
Role: Offlane
Winrate: 64%
Earnings: $1,420,930
World Rank: 8

Daryl Koh „iceiceice“ Pei Xiang Player Profile

Hello and welcome to the Daryl Koh „iceiceice“ Pei Xiang Player Profile. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most chill personas in the Dota 2′ competitive scene history. From professionally competing at 4 games at the same time to becoming a successful legend in the Dota 2 pro-scene, we present to you – iceiceice.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Daryl Koh “ iceiceice” Pei Xiang was born in Singapore on a sunny day on June 17th, in the cold year 1990. The name speaks for itself, iceiceice is down-to-earth, stable, and always looking for a good chill. But when it comes to DotA and Timbersaw, you want to run away, as any tree in DotA always wanted.

The first time iceiceice stepped on the pro-scene was in August 2011, when he attended The International 2011 with Scythe Gaming. Eventually taking the 3rd place at the event, and looting a $150,000 prize, things started looking good for iceiceice straight from the top.

Not much later, iceiceice joined Zenith in search for a stronger team, but found himself a disappointing finish at TI3. But on the other hand, iceiceice won the 1v1 Solo Championship and was crowned as the best in Dota 2 universe.

After TI3, Zenith dismantled and iceiceice joined Team DK to complete their new roster. While this time going with a respectable 4th place at TI4, iceiceice was still not satisfied, which led him to join Vici Gaming.

This down-to-earth chill bro doesn't care if the world is watching. He always finds his comfort.

Always finds time to chill, even at the TI itself.

After taking a couple of 1st places at premier events, he decided to shake things up by joining EHOME. Coming out in the top 6 at the TI6, iceiceice was featured in a player profile. After which, he resolved into forging his own team, Team Faceless on the 3rd September 2016.

Unfortunately, team struggled to successed at any premier event for two years, and the team eventually disbanded. On 2018, September 12th iceiceice joined Fnatic, and is now dominating anyone who stand in his way.

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What is iceiceice’s Team Role?

Patience, endurance, while possessing the ability to outmaneuver multiple opponents at the same time, iceiceice is a role model to Offlaners around the world.

  • Offlane

Iceiceice has been at the Offlane since anyone can remember. His passion for the constant pressure going against 2 to 3 opponents, unique woods fog of war control, while managing to outplay anyone who stands in his way, makes iceiceice one of a kind.

His signature Offlane picks – Tidehunter, Clockwerk, and his undisputed Timbersaw. With this, we conclude our Daryl Koh „iceiceice“ Pei Xiang Player Profile.

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What are iceiceice’s accolades?

  • During 2011, iceiceice played StarCraft II, DotA, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth competitively at the same time.

  • On September 3rd, 2016, iceiceice forged his own Team Faceless which for two years had mixed-bag of results.

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