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Birthday: October 28th 1992
Nationality: German
Role: Carry or Support
Earnings: $4,168,314

Kuro „KuroKy“ Salehi Takhasomi Player Profile

kurokyImage credit: The International

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Kuro „KuroKy“ Salehi Takhasomi was born in Iran on October 28th, 1992, but grew up in Berlin, Germany. At a young age, Kuro had a mental disease that prevented him from walking, which enhanced his passion for gaming.

Once stumbling upon Dota, he was mesmerized and started building his drive for competitive gaming. By his mid-teens, KuroKy has already grown into an astounding player. In 2008, just sixteen years old, KuroKy joined mousesports and his Dota carrier began to rise.

With first victories and beginners fame boosting his drive to be the best, Kuro found friendship in Clement „Puppey“ Ivanov, that would last for years. Puppey helped him take the next step, which resolved in creating their own team kingsurf.int. Winning their first tournament 2009 Dota-League Masters, KuroKy’s drive started exceeding new heights.

Image credit: ESL

In 2012, KuroKy joined team Virtus.pro in hopes of qualifying for The International, but they failed to make it to the event, however, Kuro was given a second chance. Mousesports had an opening slot in their roster, and Kuro was asked to stand in as a support. He accepted.

Although they finished up as 14th place on The International 2012, KuroKy’s desire to win a TI and his passion for competition did not diminish. KuroKy knew he needed a change.

In the early 2013, KuroKy continued playing support, but now for the far more serious team, Natus Vincere. Just after few months joining the team, Na’Vi was showing dominance through all tournaments, and coming out as 2nd place at The International 2013. However, by March 2014, the team’s spirit crumbled, and their results dipped sharply. KuroKy needed, yet another change, what he thought it would be his final.

Image credit: Team Secret

In August 27th, 2014, KuroKy with his comrade Puppey, formed a new team, known as Team Secret. Starting with 3rd places at Asia Championships 2015, and StarLadder StarSeries Season 12, Team Secret went on to finish as 1st on 4 out of 5 events they attended, which granted them passage to The International 2015 as the favorites to win the competition. But nothing turned out as expected. Team Secret finished 8th, and KuroKy was used as a scapegoat for all the blame by two members of Team Secret.

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The good outcome was, that Puppey and KuroKy remained friends and that Kuro’s eyes were finally open to see that it was time to build something of his own. He took another shot at leadership, and forged a brand new team of young talents, called the 5Jungz.

Within 6 months, KuroKy led his squad to the grand finals of a major, with his opponent nonother than Team Secret. In the end, Kuro’s team did suffer a great loss, but he got recognition of immense leadership, effort, and respect for his decision to split from Puppey and create something on his own.

Image credit: Team Liquid

Later on, his 5Jungz was taken on by Team Liquid, becoming a nonpareil force to be reckoned with. As Kuro’s experience was growing as a captain and a leader, so did his teammates grew more comfortable with his new system. In no time, they started taking awards such as the 1st place at Epicenter 2016, and 2nd place and the Manila Major 2016.

And finally, it was KuroKy’s time to shine – The International 2017. Everything that KuroKy learned throughout the years, led him here. In the group stages, it seemed like no one could stand in their way. Winning almost every game through the series, but being one game from the grand finals, Kuroky’s team got greedy, which put them in lower bracket struggle.

But this didn’t stop KuroKy from achieving his one and only goal. He put his team back together, marking their focus only on one thing – not the winning, but the game. From the first match to the last of lower bracket series, Kuro and his team fired all shots they had in them, climbing back to the grand finals of the tournament. In the grand finals, their victory was undisputed, smashing team Newbee 3 to 0, making his dream come true.

Image credit: The International

Kuro „KuroKy“ Salehi Takhasomi has shown that with dedication, sacrifice, great leadership, and within time, anything is possible.

Team Role

Throughout his life playing Dota, KuroKy gave a try to all the roles Dota has to give. From midlane and hardlane, to jungle and roam, he found himself only two to be fitting for his performance.

1.     Carry

In his early days of DotA gaming, KuroKy got hooked up on of the most demanding of all – the carry role. Showing excellence in farming and ballz-deep attitude, Kuro prooved himself worthy of such a role. In his carry days, he’s most known for his Phantom Assassin, Alchemist, and Chaos Knight.

2.     Support

As his stand in the Dota 2 professional scene was taking position, KuroKy was in struggle of letting go of his friendship with Puppey, for the greater good of his carrier. To keep playing with his friend, he sacrificed his carry role for the support role, but yet again, KuroKy did not dissapoint. Besides IO and Visage, Kuro is still signatured with his stellar Rubick plays till this very day.

Image credit: Dota 2


  • In 2008, KuroKy won the prestigious GosuGamers carry of the year by more than half the votes (52%).
  • Being a part of founding a non-organization team, which would run only by players, Team Secret.
  • By taking 1st place on The International 2017, KuroKy with his team won a second largest prize pool in the history of Dota 2 competition of $10,834,200 in cash.
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