Birthday: June 20th, 1997
Nationality: Polish & Jordanian
Role: Carry / Middle
World Rank: 13
Earnings: $3,672,424
Winrate: 68%

Amer „Miracle-“ Al-Barqawi Player Profile

    The Miracle- Boy.Image credit: Miracle-

Personal Info and Team Orientation

The International 2017 grand finals, Newbee versus Team Liquid. To the winner goes the Aegis of Champions, to the loser disappointment, and the attitude of „maybe next year“.

For Amer „Miracle-“ Al-Barqawi, the worst case scenario is all too real. At the last International, he had been eliminated from the competition, and his chance of hoisting the Aegis of Champions was stricken away from him when nobody expected. However, this year was his time to shine. He has grown from the last International breakdown, and with a new team by his side, he was given another chance at hoisting the Aegis of Champions.

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But before all of that ever happened, there was a time when Miracle- never really gave two flies about The International. And as a matter of fact, he didn’t start playing Dota 2 with a dream of one day being the best, no.

Miracle-‘s story begins in a PC Caffé in Jordan with one simple thing – a guy who loved playing DotA.

Miracle- - a guy who loved playing DotA.

Amer „Miracle-“ Al-Barqawi was born in the capital of Jordan, Amman, on June 20th, 1997. As a kid, he spent most of his outside, kicking ball and playing chase with his friends.

At the age of 12, he one day became curious about his big brother’s doing. He wanted to join him in his travels to the Local PC Caffé. His brother then introduced him to DotA, and Miracle- was immediately hooked. Within a short amount of time, his skills grew exponentially. This led him to gain popularity within the PC Caffé, and achieve his first nickname – The-Miracle-Boy. From which he shortened it, leaving it just Miracle-.

Even when Dota 2 came out, Miracle- didn’t dive two flies about Dota 2‘s professional scene progression. He mainly played for fun. Most of the time pub-stomping some noobs with his friends. But when the official Dota 2 MMR ranking system was released, Miracle- started taking new shape. In just few weeks had already achieved an impressive 5300 Team MMR. And after hitting 7000 Solo MMR a little while later, he then realized he could be the best carry in the world. This motivated him to be the highest ranked player of all time.

In the game, his reputation as a pub-stomper was growing, especially when he became only the second player in the Dota 2 community to hit 8k MMR.

The second player who reached 8k MMR was our Miracle- Boy.

From this point onward, Miracle-‘s hopes for being more than just a pub-stomper started to show. He was ready to prove that he can make something out of his ever-rising talent. One sunny day, Miracle- received a friend request that he wanted, but did not expect. BigDaddy.N0tail from one of the best teams in the Dota 2 professional scene, OG, added him on Skype. At first, Miracle- thought that someone was trolling him. But in a couple of days, he gathered his courage and started a conversation with his soon-to-be support.


Miracle- went from pub-stomper to playing alongside some of Dota 2‘s most respected talents as a founding member of OG overnight! Although he didn’t give two flies about Dota 2‘s competitive legacy in the past, now, he wasted no time making his mark on the professional scene. As well as his laning phase, Miracle- was showing outstanding synergy with his teammates against top teams of the world.

Throughout The Frankfurt Major, Miracle- showed outstanding performance with his team.Image credit: The Frankfurt Major

During The Frankfurt Major, OG started on the left foot, falling into the lower bracket series. But it turned out to be one of the most hilarious lower bracket run-throughs OG ever did. With Miracle-‘s life-threatening Shadow Friend on midlane, as well as his signature Anti-Magi on the carry lane, OG snatched the title of the tournament with ease. The same fate followed the Manila Major. As months passed after two outstanding wins at premier Majors, Miracle- continued grinding his MMR to reach his goal to be the #1 at the MMR leader board. Then on May 11th, 2016, from the practice rooms at the Epicenter 2016 LAN, Miracle- made history by being the first player ever to reach 9k MMR in the Dota 2 history.

With 9k MMR super-star leading the team to The International 2016, expectations of the world were great. Although OG showed stellar performance at the group stages, they were eliminated at the quarterfinals. This disappointment pushed Miracle- into a change of team. On September 16th, 2016 Miracle- joined Team Liquid. With team performing a mixed-bag of results for the rest of the year, no one expected this to be Miracle-‘s greatest move.

To prove themselves worthy to his ever-rising talent, Gh and Matumbaman joined Miracle- in the 9k MMR club, while their leader, KuroKy, showed nothing less but the best draft picks. Additional to that, Team Liquid unlocked their staggering potential by winning 5 out of 8 consecutive tournaments just before The International 2017. But the fans were still worried. Would Miracle- lose it under the pressure once again? Could he shake the memories of TI6 out of his mind, and play at the level he was capable?

Team Liquid showing love for Miracle-.Image credit: The International

Thankfully, the answer was yes. With 21 unique picks and few absolutely legendary plays, Miracle- answered those questions once and for all. And finally, the time has come. Miracle- was about to fight for the Aegis of Champions. And boy did he fight. With miraculous plays of his Juggernaut and the full back support from his team, Team Liquid smashed Newbee 3:0.

They won the then biggest grand prize in the history of eSports of 10,862,683 dollars.

The man who just 2 years ago yearned to prove he’s more than a pub-star, was staring down the biggest games of his life. What started as a simple love for Dota, had turned to something else altogether. One and only, The Miracle Boy.


Team Role

Since he started playing Dota, Miracle- was immediately hooked up by the two most challenging roles the game had to offer. From his past few years of performance, we can see that Miracle- has more than it takes.

1. Carry

His passion to be the main-carry of the team, required speed, dedication, and brutality. With his vicious laning mechanics, and perfect positioning in the brink of battle, Miracle- knows when its time to show his full potential.

2. Midlane

His passion for the 1v1 duel, map control and pure dominance throughout the game was obvious to see from his early DotA days. With his unparallel laning phase and precise map awareness that allows him to be at the right place at the right time, Miracle- is the best at what he does.

His most popular midlane picks are games hardest – Invoker, Shadow Fiend, and Storm Spirit.


  • On May 11th, 2016, Miracle- became the first Dota 2 player to reach 9000 MMR.
  • On The International 2017, Miracle- with Team Liquid bagged the second biggest prize pool in the history of eSports competition.
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