Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz player profile

Birthday: September 8 th 1995
Nationality: Danish
Role: Awper
Earnings: $1,300,000.00

Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz – Player Profile

Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz formerly known as ‘device’ or ‘devve’ is potentially the most successful and highly regarded player on the Astralis lineup. His background as a Counter Strike Source professional has clearly lead to an easy transition into CS:GO as he holds an incredible seven Most Valuable Player (MVP) titles under his belt and was voted the 3 rd best player in the world in both 2015 and 2016. Later in 2017 he also ranks in at 5 th with Thorin’s top 10 CS:GO players also recognizing him as the 5 th best player. His role of Awper is both very tough and very crucial to the team as the difference between hit and missed shots can potentially cost games! In the case of dev1ce he has hit enough of those shots to earn him the largest prize pool earnings figure across all of the Astralis players at a tidy 1.3 million US dollars.

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