Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen player profile

Birthday: March 26 th 1993
Nationality: Danish
Role: Entry Fragger or Awper
Earnings: $700,000.00

Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen – Player Profile

Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen has had a long and successful history with both Counter Strike Global Offensive and Astralis. It wasn’t all good news stories however with Dupreeh suffering an infected appendix during day two of ESL Cologne in 2016. Back in 2014 he was recognized as the 16 th best player worldwide. The next year saw him poll in at 12 th with his best year of 2017 gifting him a spot in the top ten! Peter’s best performance was undoubtedly the 7 th season of the ESL Pro League where he picked up the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP). Whilst still seeing a top 20 finish in 2018 people are beginning to question whether Dupreeh’s prime days are coming to an end! What are your thoughts?

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