Sang-beom "Bumper" Park

Birthday: August 5, 1999
Nationality: South Korean
Role: Tank
Earnings: $68,560

Sang-beom “Bumper” Park Player Profile

Sang-beom “Bumper” Park is known by the fans for his mixture of unique personality and undoubtful gaming sense, making him an epitome of a future Overwatch star. From thrilling ups and downs at the Overwatch APEX to winning the Stage 1 Playoffs, Bumper ‘s Player Profile has an astonishing story to tell.

Previously known from the RunAway roster, the 19-years-old Korean is now serving under the colors of Vancouver Titans as a Tank main. Considered by many to be one of the best Reinhardt’s in the game, his aggressive game style sets space for a dominant force in the Overwatch League.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Sang-beom “Bumper” Park was born in Korea on August 5th, 1999, and made his first professional debut at the Overwatch APEX Season 2 in 2017.

Before he went on to become a professional Overwatch player, Bumper was busy hanging out at PC rooms and playing League of Legends. One day, he noticed one of his friends playing an unfamiliar FPS and decided to join in. Although lacking initial knowledge of the game, it didn’t take long for Bumper to climb up the rank ladder.

Bumper Player Profile

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The first hero that caught his eye was Reaper. As a matter of fact, Bumpers affection for this hero is even pointed out in his nickname. By taking the “per” from Reaper and adding the “bum” from his name, Bumper ‘s player profile was forged.

Soon enough, Bumper was noticed by an Overwatch team from South Korea, RunAway. After terrible results in Overwatch APEX Season 1, RunAway was looking for positive changes, and Bumper was one of them. Although he is a Main Tank, he joined RunAway as an off-tank player to later switch into playing main support in APEX Season 4. However, this did not last long, as he returned to off-tank shortly after. Bumpers experimental player profile was influenced by his coach, who has adviced him to try playing different roles and see which one fits him the best.

During his first tournament at the Overwatch APEX Season 2, Bumper reached the finals with the RunAway but dropped the win to team Lunatic-Hai. Coming in as underdogs and achieving such high results certainly set the future expectations for the team being positive. Sadly, the expectations were not met, as the team struggled through future tournaments, either getting eliminated too early or not managing to recover from unexpected roster changes.

As Esports industry has a special place in South Korea, with the teams being well established and sponsored, it can be troublesome to break in as an outsider. Being owned, managed and most importantly personally financed, it took a lot of tears, sweat, and blood for Runaway to grab its first Major tournament.

The long-awaited victory arrived in Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2: Korea. Not only did they caught the attention of large audiences outside of Korea, but also Overwatch league teams looking to acquire talented players like Bumper.

Bumper RunAway Player Profile

Vancouver Titans have signed the whole roster of RunAway, leaving out only the management, which was consisted of Runaway founder, Dae-hoon “Runner” Yoon and his wife Lee “Flowervin” Hyun-Ah. Aside from proving to be an excellent Tank for the team, due to his bubbly personality and strong mentality, he filled the role of the team’s captain.

Recently winning the Overwatch League – 2019 Stage 1 Playoffs, Vancouver Titans are sure to be considered one of the biggest storms to catch the scene. Bumper is sure to make games living hell for his foes, as he has stated that the Overwatch League is easier than he expected. In his words, no matter how good the game starts for the other team, the Vancouver side will always end up winning. With limitless potential left to be uncovered by this roster in the future, words of Vancouver Titans Tank will be sure to haunt future contenders.

The teams Bumper played Overwatch for are:


Vancouver Titans

What is Bumpers Overwatch team role?

Although changing different roles in his career, Bumper will certainly stay remember as one of the best Tank mains of his time. While Main Tank players usually end up being good at either Winston or Reinhardt, Bumper has shown immense versatility on both of them.

With his wide experience as former support, Bumper ‘s player profile is well rounded and brings him a greater understanding of how different roles function. By combining his highly aggressive play and superb support from the team, he brings distort into the enemy lines, allowing his teammates to catch an upper hand in positions. However, his aggression does sometimes bounce back to trouble him.

What are Bumpers accolades?

Bumper finished first with RunAway at Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2: Korea
Was first with RunAway at NetEase Esports X Tournament – 2018 – Summer
Was first with Vancouver Titans at Overwatch League – 2019 Stage 1 Playoffs

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