Custa Profile

Birthday: November 22, 1993
Nationality: Australian
Role: Support
Earnings: $82,442

Scott “Custa” Kennedy Player Profile

As Season 2 of the Overwatch League took some surprising turns for Los Angeles Valiant, all eyes will be looking at the star of today’s player profile, Scott “Custa” Kennedy.

From Pacific Division champions to seven straight losses in Stage 1, LA Valiants captain Custa will have plenty of work to do. Fortunately for the team, they have picked the right man for the job, as we are talking about no rookie. This 25-years-old Australian has seen everything Overwatch has to offer and is sure to stay restless until some changes occur.

Custa Overwatch Player Profile

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Scott “Custa” Kennedy was born in Adelaide, Australia on November 22, 1993, and made his first professional debut for the North American Overwatch team Code 7.

Being a professional Overwatch player does require sacrifices, and Custa ‘s player profile is no short of them. An enthusiast for gaming since his early age, Custa first fell in love with eSports trough StarCraft II.

Aside from the competitive nature of the eSport, he embraced the idea of playing in front of live audiences at sold-out arenas. Being cherished playing from your living room was also something not to take for granted. When Overwatch first came out, he saw his chance for glory.

Custa wanted to be at the top of the table, feel the victory, take the prize pool and lift the trophy. Unfortunately for him, the Australian eSports scene could not live up to give him that opportunity. This meant going abroad and leaving his home country and family behind.

During his early twenties, Custa’s life was going the usual course, finishing high school and undertaking University studies. However, this was not the path making him happy. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Custa decided to revise his life by traveling to Canada. Upon returning to Australia, he was determined to become a professional and make his career in eSports.

Custa Overwatch Australia

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Previously working as a bartender, he was able to support his future campaign financially. Custa ended up going abroad again, settling in Canada. While being in North America, he got signed for the Overwatch team Code 7 in 2016. During this period he won his first tournament with the team, at the ESL Community Cup #1 North America. Custa would go on and add 3 more weekly tournament victories to his player profile with Code 7.

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Later on, Code 7 got acquired by the organization Gale Force eSports. These changes did not affect Custa, as he left the team shortly after. The reason for this was team nubris.

While high expectations held set for team nubris, little came trough, as the team ended up winning only two weekly tournaments in total. Although they did fairly well against tier 2 teams, they would usually end up beaten by the higher tiers. However, this did not stop Fnatic from acquiring nubris as their first official team to go into the Overwatch scene.

Custa Overwatch League Player

Custa progressed with Fnatic to play in Overwatch Open, which was considered one of the most competitive tournaments of the time. During this tournament, Custa did an unexpected switch to playing Ana instead of Zenyatta, as he did in his previous tournaments. Success in their group stage didn’t follow them till the end, as they lost in the finals to Team EnVyUs.

Despite having a promising start, after Major League Gaming Vegas 2016 tournament, Fnatic would only stumble upon failures. Even though they ended up progressing the group stages in this tournament, elimination happened in the first round of playoffs by team FaZe Clan.

Fnatic’s team spirit was completely shattered, ultimately leading players to disband from the roster. After a long period of inactivity, With no major team offers at sight and Overwatch Contenders Season 0 progressing without him, Custa felt that he is at his all-time low.

As the wheel of fortune always keeps on turning, better times began for Custa when he got invited to join Overwatch team Arc 6. After Donald “Dahun” Leigh left the team, Custa was acquired to fill in his position. He would continue on to play in two tournaments with the team, BEAT Invitation Season 2 and the HulkTastic Cup, taking third and first place.

Nonetheless of the tournament achievements, an important part of this signing was the fact that Custa was able to perform and still stay a relevant figure in the scene. His experience and effort did not go unnoticed, as Dallas Fuel approached him, ultimately opening the long-awaited doors of the Overwatch League.

Custa went on to play a very promising season, showing firm performance at the support role for the team. However, the team had its fair share of struggles during Stage 1, being placed 10th out of 12 teams. Dallas Fuel undertook some roster changes for Stage 2 but proved insufficient, as they ended up 11th this time. On April of 2018, just prior to Stage 3 of the Overwatch League, Dallas Fuel announced that Custa will be traded in for the Los Angeles Valiant support player “uNKOE“.

Custa LA Valiant overwatch league

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Although given a decision if he wants to proceed with the transfer, it did come as an unpleasant surprise for Custa that the team is willing to give up on him. As he eagerly wanted improvements in his team, he ended up correlating to Los Angeles Valiant, who was in need of the same after a terrible Stage 2 performance.

After joining the LA Valiant, expectations ended up being better than he has hoped for. The overall attitude of the team was highly positive, and he felt more guided than in the previous teams. Shortly after, results came to confirm this, leaving LA Valiant with a score of 7-3 during Stage 3. During Stage 4, they would reach the peak of their performance, ending the stage 9-1 and securing the first seed for the stage 4 playoffs.

It was during this time that Custa caught the eye of the audiences and proved to be a support worth of recognition. He was also noticed for his superb shoutcalling and overall leading of the team. All of this brought up Custa to be selected to play in the Overwatch League All-Stars.

As the Pacific Division Champions, VAL progressed to play in the Overwatch League Season 1 playoffs. During this tournament, they ended up losing in the semifinals to London Spitfire.

A shocker came in during Season 2 of the Overwatch League for Custa and his team. Not only did he end up being benched during Stage 1, but he witnessed his team losing all the games during it. How will Custas and VAL pull of this is yet to be seen, but be in no doubt that he will pull something out of his immense player profile.

The teams Custa played Overwatch for are:


Team nubris/Fnatic

Arc 6

Dallas Fuel 

Los Angeles Valiant 

What is Custas Overwatch team role?

Custa most commonly plays a support role for his team. He is also the teams Captain and is proven to be an outstanding leader with a superb ability to adapt and overcome new meta. This got him benched during Season 2 of the Overwatch League, as his overall understanding of the meta was at a level at which the team can’t efficiently follow up.

What are Custas accolades?

Custa finished first at OWL – Inaugural Season Stage 4 Title Matches

Was second with the team of Australia at Overwatch World Cup 2018 – Bangkok Qualifier

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