Birthday: February 13th, 1999
Nationality: Pakistanian
Role: Middle
Earnings: $3,313,943
Winrate: 62%
World Rank: 10

Syed Sumail „SumaiL“ Hassan Player Profile

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Syed Sumail „SumaiL“ Hassam was born in Karachi, Pakistan on February 13th, 1999. He comes from an eight-member family who lived in a small apartment, with which he shared his room with two sisters and a brother. For the sake of a better life, Sumail and his family moved to Rosemont, Illinois in 2012.

From a young age, SumaiL was already substantially nurturing his love for DotA. And as the year 2012 brought positive changes for his family, so did SumaiL start showing himself on the Dota 2 professional scene. His first step was on The North American Elite League, with his skills growing exponentially. As he was starting to be noticed as one of the hardest midlaners, in 2015 UNiVeRsE pushed his team Evil Geniuses to recruit him. And so they did.

SumaiL - the young star of Dota 2Image credit: The International

In the beginning of his performance with EG, SumaiL didn’t show dominance as he did was before joining the team. This had put the team in an uncomfortable situation, thinking it was maybe a bad idea. But as any human being, SumaiL needed time to spread his roots and fit in. Just a while later at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015, SumaiL impressed not only EG but the whole world with his new meta Euls Scepter of Divinity on Shadow Fiend, one-shotting almost any opposing enemy in his path. This post-opening gave EG the confidence to believe in SumaiL’s potential.

From this point, the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015 was in the bag. With EG’s drafting around SumaiL and his stellar performance on the midlane, EG was quickly found in the upper-bracket finals. They lost the upper-bracket finals to Vici Gaming only to unleash SumaiL’s full potential back at them in the grand-finals. By game three he outmaneuvered VG 17-7-11 with his Storm Spirit. He gained his team’s trust, and made it possible for them to loot the DAC $1,284,158 prize pool.

The DAC was their ticket for The International 2015, and they surely didn’t waste it. EG started tremendously, losing only two games before reaching the upper bracket finals. The only thing they didn’t see this coming was the wildcard of the tournament, CDEC Gaming, who smacked them into the lower bracket struggle. Fighting through, EG eventually won the rematch round in the grand-finals. With this victory, they took home $6,634,661 in cash, and SumaiL once again proved himself worthy.

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Worth of the TI title, SumaiL!

Team Role

Throughout his life of playing DotA, SumaiL was immediately hooked up by the most challenging role the game had to offer, and from what we’ve seen in the past couple of years, he has a hard time finding a worthy opponent.

  • Midlane

His passion for the 1v1 duel, map control and pure dominance throughout the game was easy to see from his previous accomplishments. With his instant mechanics and map awareness of a God, rarely who can stand against him.


  • On The International 2015, SumaiL won $1.326.932 in cash, making him the youngest player ever to surpass $1 million in eSports


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