Hello and welcome to the Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov Player Profile.

Birthday: April 30th, 1995
Nationality: Bulgarian
Role: Support
Winrate: 64%
Earnings: $268,277
World Rank: 59

Zdravets „Hylissang“ Galabov Player Profile

Hello and welcome to the Zdravets „Hylissang“ Galabov Player Profile. Today we’re going to talk about one of the best Supports in today’s League of Legends professional scene. From nurturing his love for video games since 2004 to Supporting the best AD Carry in the League of Legends history, we present to you – Hylissang.

Personal Info and Team Orientation

Zdravets „Hylissang“ Galabov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 30th, 1995. Like any other child of the digital world, Hylissang was mesmerized by video games. In 2006, he met Ubisoft’s most successful game, Heroes of Might and Magic III, and in 2008 he started playing the most addictive game of all, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. It was only in late 2011 when he met League of Legends.

Hylissang started showing on the professional scene on January 2014, when his friend Sheepy asked him to join the team Unicorns Of Love. Their loving bond brought them a couple of victories at Go4LoL tournaments on the EU West server, and as the year was slowly progressing, they started to play on more serious events such as the Summer Black Monster Cup.

Not much later, the Promotion Tournament came as a chance for UoL to qualify for the 2015 LCS Spring Split. With beating Millenium 3:2 in a close matchup, they secured their legacy in the upcoming LCS season. And then the legendary moment for UoL came – the EU LCS Spring Season.

In the Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov Player Profile you might find Deadpool's appearance a bit strange. It's not, he was always in the UoL.

Image courtesy: UoL

Thanks to Hylissang’s impressive performances on Annie and Leona, UoL finished their season in 5th place. This opened them the gates of their first-ever Spring Playoffs. UoL surprisingly managed to overcome 1st place season finisher, SK Gaming, in the semi-finals. But finished 2nd in their first-ever LCS split and picking up them 70 juicy Championship Points along the way.

It’s important to mention that the finalist that defeated them in LCS split was the legacy team Fnatic. In the upcoming years, Fnatic didn’t forget the outstanding Hylassing’s performance he expressed in such a short period of time. Eventually, in late 2017, Fnatic invited Hylassing to play for them as their support, and he generously accepted.

What is Hylissang’s Team Role?

Throughout his life of playing League of Legends, Hylyssang was hooked up by the underrated, yet hardest role the game had to offer. Knowing how to take care of his AD Carry, warding/dewarding right on time, while still managing to help the other lanes, Hylissang is a role model to Supports around the world.

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  • Support

Hylissang has been at the Support role since anyone can remember. His passion for the constant pressure of the 2v2 bottom lane, positioning at the right spot in the right moment, while managing to synergize an outplay with his AD Carry towards anyone who stands in their way, makes Hylissang what he is today.

Thresh is a signature pick for Hylissang while playinf or Unicorns of Love.

Image courtesy: www.alphacoders.com

His signature Support picks – Annie, Leona, Pyke, Thresh and Morgana. And with this we conclude our Zdravets „Hylissang“ Galabov Player Profile.

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What are Hylissang’s accolades?

  • Hylassing has a twin brother.

  • Hylassing supports the best AD Carry in the world – Rekkles.

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