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PUBG Esports Implementing Event Sponsorship
Shehryar Raza       
PUBG Corporation is implementing event sponsorship and profit-sharing via PUBG eSports. This was announced on the site S...
PUBG 2019 North American Event Schedule Revealed
Filip Gereg       
The National PUBG League (NPL), revealed its 2019 North American event schedule. NPL was introduced in November 2018 as ...
Na’Vi Leads In Unique Pro League Season 2 Of PUBG
Shehryar Raza       
Natus Vincere is in the first place of the tournament table following the results of the first game day of Unique Pro Le...
PUBG Striking The Ban Hammer
Shehryar Raza       
The latest update of PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) brought a new anti-cheat that caused a real sweep around ...
Broadcaster Royale: PUBG Tournament Overview
Stefan Medovarski       
Well, well, well. Would you look at that. The biggest tournament in PUBG, gathering the most popular names and average j...