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The National PUBG League (NPL), revealed its 2019 North American event schedule.

NPL was introduced in November 2018 as North America’s official professional team for PUBG. It is the flagship North American team for OGN, a South Korean cable television, which is a division of CJ ENM – producers of the world’s first eSports event in 2004 and one of the largest entertainment companies in Asia.

PUBG 2019 north american event schedule

The PUBG 2019 North American event schedule: it will take place in three phases, with four types of events. Phase 1 will take place February 22-24, second phase on May 24-26 and third on September 27-29.

The prize pool for these events will be one million USD. $100,000 of that prize money has already been awarded for the 2019 pre-season.

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Sixteen teams will be competing for these prizes, along with a chance for a shot at the PUBG World Championship.

PUBG 2019 North American Event Teams

  • Adapt

  • Cloud9

  • eUnited

  • Ghost Gaming

  • Lazarus Esports

  • Noble esports

  • Oxymoron

  • Shoot to Kill

  • Simplicity

  • Smoking Aces

  • Spacestation Gaming

  • Team Envy

  • Tempo Storm

  • Vicious Gaming

  • Why Tempt Fate

  • Wildcard Gaming

Each phase will run for five weeks and will have a $200,000 prize pool.


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