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Rainbow Six Siege Capitao Guide

When it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, there is a wide field of Operators you can pick for your suited game style. Sometimes, you will find your self being bothered by another Operator having an advantage on a certain map, or his abilities just seem to look stronger than yours. But, let’s face it, that’s how the game works, the faster you adapt to it, the better you will get. That’s why we’ve decided to create this small R6S Capitão guide to help you along the way after the Y4S1.3 update!

Luckily for us, the Rainbow Six Siege developers like to pay close attention to the needs and feedback of players. With every update, you can expect things coming to balance, or at least hope they will.
The recent Y4S1.3 update brought plenty of changes to the Operators. We saw the long-awaited change to Lion, Blitz’s shield finally got nerfed, and even Nomad’s Airjab gadget got brought to justice, making us all happy about playing the game again.

Rainbow Six Siege Capitao Guide

A change that got me especially excited was one done to Capitão.

As Ubisoft stated, they will be looking to bring Capitao back to his original intention, which is that of an area denial Operator. In order to do this, they have decided to greatly expand the area of effect of his asphyxiating bolts. To keep things balanced, the effect will no longer go through walls, forcing players not to rely on luck anymore. It will also take the AOE more time to expand, so players will have time to react and escape the deadly fire. The damage of the asphyxiating bolt has also been reduced.

Since this is a R6S Capitão guide, lets first take a close look at all of the changes done, so we can learn how to take them into our advantage.


Reducing damage per tick from 19 to 12
Size of the area of effect increased
The area takes 2 seconds to reach its maximum size
The arrows follow a straight trajectory until 10 meters. After that, they will start to fall due to gravity.

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Characteristics of the Operator

Capitão is a Light Armored Operator, that is equipped with a Tactical Crossbow that can fire Asphyxiating bolts, igniting all of his foes. He can also use Micro Smoke Grenades to support the teams’ movement. Users can alter between these by pressing the firing mode key, but the ammunition will be switched by default in case one of them is depleted.  An advantage that can also be taken into consideration is that this weapon is silent, so there will be no sound detection caused by it. The crossbow projectile can go through an opening as small as a bullet hole.

One of the flaws of this weapon is that it can not cause a headshot, but instead deals 5 damage if hitting the target directly. You may think that the ignition caused by the asphyxiating bolts burns everything in its path, but that is not the matter, as it has no effect on gadgets.

To sum up his loadout, this is what you get by picking him.

Rainbow Six Siege Capitao Guide



PARA-308 Assault rifle
M249 Light Machine Gun


PRB92 Handgun


Claymore x1
Stun Grenade x3

Unique Gadget: TAC Mk0 Tactical Crossbow

Armor, Speed, and Capitão’s Arsenal

After reading the description of his loadout, it may sound to you strange that an Operative carrying all of this equipment is considered Light Armored, but this fact puts him with an Armor Rating of 1 and Speed rating of 3.

Difference between his Primary weapons is that the light machine gun comes at a greater cost of recoil stability but grants you more ammunition. Also, M249 can be a great source of fun if you just want to take the game lightly and not count your shots. Still, be aware, once the ammunition goes dry, it will take you some time to reload. So, if you have more confidence at shooting and like to have more recoil stability with your guns, go with the PARA-308.

You will be fairly satisfied with the PRB92 Handgun, as it has average recoil stability and the damage is nothing to complain about.

Capitão’s Gadgets

Gadgets can be used for a supportive role, disorienting the enemies with the Stun Grenades, or you can go for a more discrete way of warfare, planning out your traps with claymores. Smoke grenades are a great addition if you want to hide your traps and just wait for the enemies to cluelessly go into them.

Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1.3 patch notes review

The Main Gadgedet: TAC Mk0

TAC Mk0 is the most intriguing weapon Capitao posses in his arsenal, and with the new update, it will be bringing a change to many aspects of the game.

Bandit is certainly one of the Operators that will not greet this change, as where ever there is a whole, it will be a death trap for the Bandit Tricking. Plenty of spots will also become ineffective, as the new AOE threatens every corner, significantly changing the impact Capitao will have on maps.


The Chalet will be one of the maps that Capitao players should use to their advantage, as the snowmobile garage now becomes highly ineffective for Bandits. If a bolt gets through to the Garage, there is nothing that can be done to stop the breaching of that wall. As Asphyxiating bolts cannot be stopped, the defenders will have a really hard time putting up with this and finding a solution.

The Consulate will be another map on which Capitao can enjoy all the perks of Garage holes and put his new buffs to great usage. The rule is completely the same as in the Chalet. All it takes for the Capitao player is to lay down, aim for the openings and send a firebolt in.

More ways to use Capitão

If not used for breaching defenses, bolts can simply be used to steer down your enemies into open space, where they are sure to be slaughtered, giving your team a huge advantage. But be aware, as we have mentioned that the arrow trajectory will start to decline after 10 meters traveled. This all put to use gives birth to a highly effective “area denial” role, which developers aimed to produce.

After a good study on Capitão and his abilities, the only way to really start learning how he works is by simply giving him a try. Don’t let the Crossbow scare you away because once you get used to it, the enemies will be left helpless to escape the now expanded reach of their flaming grip! That’s basically it for this R6S Capitao guide!


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