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Rainbow Six Siege players on all platforms will finally be able to head Down Under this Wednesday, March 6, when Operation Burnt Horizon goes live at last.

Burnt Horizon features a new desert map as well as two new (Aussie!) Operators, Gridlock (ATK) and Mozzie (DEF). These two long-term friends and partners are tasked with escorting a “high-value convoy” across the desert, and in a turn of events that should surprise no one, their mission goes awry. Season Pass holders will have exclusive access to these new Operators for the first seven days, after which time all players will be able to get in on the fun with Gridlock and Mozzie—provided they have Renown or R6 credits, of course.

Operation Burnt Horizon unfolds on the new Outback map, a medium-sized map set in Australia’s red desert. Players will have to fight across three distinct sections: the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant. The map’s design was inspired by fan favorites Oregon and Clubhouse.

The development team has cautioned that R6 players can expect a larger than normal patch with this launch, as they’re implementing some large-scale changes to the game, including a rework of their game data storage system. The new patch also includes standard bug fixes, adjustments to movement and running animations, and balancing fixes to Capitao and Dokkaebi.



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