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R6S match-fixing

The alleged match-fixing news which swept the R6S community last week hasn’t quietened down. Black Dragons and FaZe Clan have been blamed for involvement in a match-fixing conspiracy. There is undoubtedly a cause to these accusations, as the Black Dragons former-analyst continues to release proof to the public.

According to Thiago “Thyy” Nicézio, several players got involved in a match-fixing plot. Those accused include BD’s Juninho “GdNN1” Nunes and FaZe Clan’s Ronaldo “ion” Osawa. Whether or not BD purposefully lost their week 12 matchup with FaZe is yet to be proven. The two sides will meet in an upcoming matchup in the Brasileirão Major, where FaZe Clan is expected to repay the favor.

How did the match-fixing incident happen?

The news of the R6S match-fixing first appeared in a series of Tweets published by the former BD’s analyst Nicézio.

Events had shown that, even after losing the Season 9 match, Black Dragons would stay safe from demotion. Contrary to their position, the victory had crucial significance for FaZe Clan. Their hopes of the Pro League Finals in Milan depended on the outcome of the match. Such occasions do raise wariness. Players involved in the plot are as well ex-teammates, which brings up to the suspicion.

R6S Faze Clan match-fixing

The other side was to benefit in the Brasileirão, where FaZe Clan was supposed to repay the favor. Similar circumstances surrounded the planed Brasileirão R6S match-fix. FaZe Clan’s Table Standings attained safely even after a loss, while BD’s stand one point behind for a LAN spot.

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The question was no longer whether this was possible, but what is the evidence behind it. Whether or not we acknowledge these awkward revelations, they do influence our thrust in Esports.

What are the proofs for match-fixing in R6S?

As proof of the seriousness with which he regarded the R6S match-fixing incident, Nicézio kept updating the public with consistent evidence.

Perhaps the most interesting exhibit is the recorded conversation between “Thyy” and “GdNN1.” With the courtesy of the Reddit community, the dialogue was translated from Portuguese and states the following:

Rainbow Six Siege Match-Fixing

Translated by: /u/lucas_praado

Further evidence suggests that “GdNN1” intentionally plugged off the internet cable when the two sides met. Such a claim was made by the Black Dragons’ player Pedro “pzd” Dutra, and is confirmed in an audio recording.

Rainbow Six Siege Faze Clan match-fixing

Translated by: /u/arigabr

Despite the evidence placed against him, GdNN1 stated that the team had no pre-arranged deal with the FaZe Clan. He claims that the loss was a result of their light-headed approach to the game, as they had no stakes involved in the match.

Black Dragon has further denied their team having any involvement in the R6S match-fixing. They went even further to protect the players by claiming that the accusations were made due to an unsettled dispute between “Thyy” and “GdNN1.” To justify such claims, owners Nicolle “Cherrygums” Merhy, and Denis “Pings” Vidigal have released screenshots that go in favor of their organization.

FaZe Clan has issued a similar statement, denying any involvement in the incident. Teams manager, Leandro “tgk” Portela has welcomed Ubisoft partaking action in order for the accusations to be clarified. Although FaZe Clans involvement remains a mystery, “ion” is the only player known to have ties to the case. Further information will be available once the team opens up to the public.

How deep of a whole the Teams have dug themselves is still unknown, as Ubisoft is yet to conduct an investigation. Information regarding the case has been forwarded to the company by Nicézio who expects ESL or Ubisoft to proceed with the inquiry.

The integrity of the entire Esports scene is under threat, as Thyy claims this is not an isolated case. He has accused several other games of witnessing match-fixing, including CS:GO and League of Legends. Although Thyy has not given any evidence concerning other titles, match-fixing in R6S is sure to be at the top of the table for BD, FaZe Clan, Ubisoft, and ESL.

Translation to the video can be found here

Personally, the news of these occasions terrified me. I can only hope that everyone involved will be receiving a very sharp message about the risks and consequences of match-fixing in R6S.


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