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R6S Pro League Standings

It has truly been a magnificent ride, as Season 9 of the R6S Pro League kept us waiting with uneasiness and excitement until the final week of the competition. As week 14 slowly comes to an end, let’s have a look at the League standings.

Latin America division Pro League standings

While in Apac, Europe, and North America all six representatives have been known, it was not until yesterday, April 24, that Latin America gave us their last two contenders.  FaZe and Immortal were up for a tight fight, as both teams were in need of a victory to secure their way into the R6S Season 9 Finals.

R6S Season 9 standings

Many were hoping that the “Fight for Milan” will end up being full of drama, as Ninjas in Pyjamas threatened both teams in case they won. The outcome of the contest did not end up as some expected, but it was not short of excitement either. FaZe managed to deliver the first defeat of the Season to Immortals, securing their place at the top of the division. Team Liquid outmaneuvered NiP, with the end score being a staggering 7-3, putting their chances of reaching Season Finals into the past.

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PaiN gaming was already settled for relegations, with them losing to Red DevilS e-Sport not making a difference, as they are sure to hit the Challenger League. On the other hand, Red DevilS will be expected to play relegation matches in order to stay alive in the Pro League.

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)FaZe Clan301410-0-483-6320
3)Team Liquid26148-2-487-6324
4)Ninjas in Pyjamas25147-4-384-7113
5)Black Dragons16144-4-672-74-2
6)INTZ e-Sports13143-4-774-85-11
7)ReD DevilS e-Sports13144-1-957-86-29
8)paiN Gaming6141-3-1049-93-44

North America division Pro League standings

In North American, the final week has been only a matter of pride, as the matches that followed could not bring any significant importance to the top of the table. While Evil Geniuses have secured their ticket to Milan, they could have gone either way with their final match against Excelerate Gaming. Rise Nation was hoping that EG will not go soft on their opposition, as they were set for an impossible challenge in order to stay away from the relegations. Both of the outcomes ended up going against them, as they lost to Dark Zero e-Sports, and saw Excelerate grab a win against EG.

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)Evil Geniuses26138-2-383-5726
2)DarkZero Esports26138-2-381-6813
3)Team Reciprocity23137-2-478-6315
5)Spacestation Gaming18134-6-370-75-5
6)Excelerate Gaming13134-1-859-74-15
7)Rise Nation10133-1-957-80-23

Europe division Pro League standings

Last week in Europe, we saw the top two contenders in the division, Team Empire and LeStream Esports stand toe-to-toe. As LeStream walked out with a victory, European Season 9 Finalists have been officially announced. After G2  e-Sports ended losing to CHAOS, all eyes will be set on the bottom part of the table in Week 14, as Team Secret and Natus Vincere will strive for victory in order to evade relegations. Na’Vi will be facing G2, while Team Secret is set against Chaos in the final matches of Week 14, scheduled at Friday, April 26, 2019.

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)Team Empire29139-2-284-5529
2)LeStream Esport26138-2-373-6211
4)PENTA Sports21136-3-474-695
5)G2 Esports20135-5-377-6314
7)Natus Vincere10133-1-958-80-22
8)Team Secret9132-0-1054-81-27

APAC region Pro League standings

When it comes to the APAC region Pro league standings, we have Fnatic sharing first place with Orgless in the ANZ division. Japan has NORA-Rengo as it’s top contender, standing one point ahead of the CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming. In Korean division, we clearly saw a one-sided contest, as MantisFPS stands 6 points ahead of second-best Ageless.
SEA division was no different, as Xavier Esports stand unbeaten, with only one draw being added to their name.

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ANZ division Pro League standings

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
5)Oddity Esports13122-7-361-68-7
6)Ex Nihilo8121-5-656-72-16

Japan division Pro League standings

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
2)CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming25127-4-176-5026
3)Father’s back23127-2-369-5415
5)FAV Gaming15124-3-560-63-3

Korea division Pro League standings

TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
3)Team uR040-0-49-28-19

SEA division Pro League standings

#TeamPts.Mtchs.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)Xavier Esports28109-1-069-1752
3)Team Scrypt15105-0-549-490
4)Generic eSports10103-1-642-60-18
5)Ferox E-Sports10103-1-645-59-14
6)Impetus Gaming9103-0-733-62-29

With only a few matches left to be played in Europe, and the best eight contenders from APAC, EU, NA, and LATAM region already known, we are left to wait for the R6S Season 9 Finals, held in Milan, Italy from May 18-19. When the date comes, we will see who will take the $275,000 prize pool and break to the top as the Rainbow Six Siege Season 9 champion, in what is sure to be a spectacular contest.


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