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gaming rage incident

Although designed for recreation and good times, video games often lead to the player becoming incredibly frustrated. Ragequitting, controller tosses, screaming profanities are just some of the ways that gamers handle their pent up anger. And although we expect pro players to be composed and calm, especially on stage, occasionally even they reach their boiling point. Here are the 5 craziest rage incidents in gaming.

6. Leffen Self-destructs

In the Smash community, the Godkiller, Leffen, is one of the most polarizing members of the scene. He’s one of those guys who are like the villain of the game, because of his questionable behavior while losing. Whether it’s him playing beneath his standards, or struggling during the Fox vs. Samus matchup, Leffen has no issue relieving himself. He just explodes at times. Sometimes it can be as simple as throwing or breaking the console after the loss.

5. Nono With the no-no

In a best of 5 series, it’s incredibly important to stay composed. Well, that wasn’t the case in the 2013 EU LCS Summer Promotion tournament. Sinners Never Sleep and Against All Authority were fighting for a spot in the EU LCS. However, the game was incredibly one-sided, as Against All Authority found themselves in a huge deficit. Things got worse after their ADC, ‘Nono’, was promptly killed at 19 minutes. He then just quit the game calling GG and was fuming apparently.

4. Player beats girlfriend on Live stream

Li “Vasilli” Wei Jun was a former professional league of legends player from China. At this time he was playing for the League of Legends Team Newbee. I’m not sure if he was particularly a good player as I didn’t play the game at that time. He was live streaming some league and while live streaming I guess he quit and decided to flip his table. He then proceeded to beat his girlfriend live on stream.

3. Dellor’s Career Gets Clipped

The most inappropriate meltdown on the list goes to FORMER Overwatch pro, ‘Dellor’. Emphasis on FORMER as his online tirade got him booted off Toronto eSports and will likely scare off any future suitors. While live streaming, an enemy Widowmaker was extremely accurate, headshotting Dellor time after time. Eventually, triggered by endless deaths and poor internet, Dellor exploded in a fit of racial slurs abusing the widowmaker in a not so nonchalant way.

2. Wobbles Wall Punch

In Super Smash Bros Melee, one of the most aggravating moves is the Ice Climbers wobble. Once they grab you, they have the ability to chain hit you all the way to death. However, this time around it was the player ‘Wobbles’ himself who lost his temper. In a close Crew Battle, Wobbles lost his last stock to Ice. At first, he launched his controller towards the ground, but that left a hole in the wall and things got heated.

1. Vasilli’s Studio Rampage

Finally, it’s the same person from the 4th point. Although he may have rage quit, at least he didn’t destroy any equipment this time. Formerly with Vici Gaming, Vasilli was booted from the team after he destroyed a set of gaming PC’s and physically threatened his teammates.


He later joined the LSPL team, ‘ING’, and they would go on to make history… Getting camped in the bot lane, Vasilli started to fume. Eventually, he cracked, shot an Ashe arrow towards a teammate and rage quit. This forced ING to become the first team to surrender at 20 minutes in LSPL history. That’s when Vasilli destroyed his keyboard as well as part of the studio, in one of the biggest rage incidents in gaming.

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