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Rainbow Six Siege has not had as many in-game events as some other titles. However, we did have some – for example, the PvE Outbreak, which was essentially an experiment. The developers want to use this example and continue using some mid-season events. That way, they have a testing ground for more R6S new game modes.

One of these experiments was Road to Six Invitational Playlist. It featured many new things like bomb mode on maps Coastline, Consulate, Border, Bank, Oregon, Villa, and Clubhouse.

r6s new game modes

This mode, along with a limited pool of competitive maps, features a pick and ban system. Many people were hoping that this experiment was a prelude to a permanent introduction of the system. It is not known whether this feature will be implemented or not, but it looks like Ubisoft does not know, either.

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Company’s director Leroy Athanssoff said: “I think Outbreak was a very specific example with its own operation and a new type of gameplay. But if you look at the Mad House and Road to S.I. events, what Xavier [Marquis] wants, and I think he is right, is to have these events act as a laboratory where we can experiment with. You can expect these events to have more and more gameplay modifiers and some cool and different experiences.”

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He also said that the reason we haven’t seen the second iteration of Operation Health is that its point was to appoint certain developers to their respective areas. Some developers can work on the current game and improve it, while others could bring us some playlist changes.

Currently, Burnt Horizon takes the spotlight, with everyone wondering about the release date. But, only after Gridlock and Mozzie go live, we can start expecting R6S new game modes from upcoming mid-season updates.


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