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Ubisoft is making changes to their popular title! They have announced some much-needed Rainbow 6 Siege updates.

First of all, they are completely removing the Rainbow 6 Siege Starter Edition. This is the edition that received no updates or operators, and was not very well sold. At Standard edition having its cost cut to $20, there is no longer a need for such a version.

Along with the updates, they are also reducing the price. The Standard Edition of the Rainbow 6 Siege will now cost $20. This version comes with the 20 base operators.
The Deluxe Edition, which adds eight Year 1 operators will cost $30. This is cheaper than buying the operators separately.
The Gold Edition includes the Deluxe edition, plus a Year 4 pass that unlocks all the newest operators as they are released. This now stands at $60.

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And, the last one is the Ultimate Edition – this one comes with all of the 44 operators in the game, as well as the Year 4 pass included in Gold. This will cost you $100.

Rainbow Six Siege updates

There is one thing that has changed for worse for consumers, though. Last year Ubisoft made 20 base operators free for all versions except for now removed Starter Edition. Now, each one will cost 500, 1000, 1,500, or 2,000 renown depending on how many you’ve already unlocked.

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Overall, the price is the same if you buy a season pass, or DLC operators later. We suggest first buying the Standard Edition and then expanding your library, as only then will you know do you actually like the game. These Rainbow 6 Siege updates are fair and we are sure they will bring a rise to the sales and popularity of the game.


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