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Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight

While the Operation Phantom Sight is up and going on the Ubisoft‘s Rainbow Six Siege test servers, we will be taking a look at what has been revealed so far for the upcoming R6S Year 4 Season 2 through today’s opinion piece.

What is New in the R6S Operation Phantom Sight?

Operation Phantom Sight will be bringing in two new operators. We can expect an all-new Attacker, Nøkk, and a sharply dressed Defender, Warden. Ubisoft has earlier announced reworks being brought to maps, and the first to get one is Kafe Dostoyevsky. Ranked playlist and the Rainbow Six Siege storefront will receive updates as well.

I was particularly glad to see Developers responding to the Harassment in Rainbow Six Siege, as they will be introducing new changes to the recently implemented feature, Reverse Friendly Fire. From now, Ubisoft will have specially dedicated teams that will cover any Major problem the game faces. Player Behaviour will also be taken into account in Year 4.

Who is Operator Nokk?

Danish Jægerkorpset Operator Nøkk will be the newest addition to Team Rainbow. The Operator will be a stealth one thanks to her HEL gadget. Nokk can become invisible to enemy cameras and drones when cloaking herself. However, the cloak will glitch if Nokk is to take damage or shoot. Environmental clues are also a thing Nokk players should be aware of, as your movement will get detected.

R6S Phantom Sight Nokk

Regardless of the downs, I was particularly keen to see how effective will her tactical flexibility turn out to be. Based on her short-ranged weaponry, Nokk’s role will be to sneak into key areas and catch defenders by surprise. Although time-restricted, Nokk’s high-tech HEL Presence Reduction gadget doesn’t require her to change weapons, adding up to her flanking abilities.

Nokk’s weapon choice is composed of FMG-9 SMG, Six12 SD and the D-50 pistol that can be equipped with a silencer.

Who is Operator Warden?

Coming in from the US Secret Service, Warden is a new defender Operator. Thanks to his Glanze Smartglasses, he can see clearly through the smoke and resist flashes. Although the Smartglasses have a fixed cooldown, they are not limited to how many times you can use them during a match.

R6S Phantom Sight Warden

I can assume the release of this champion will bring joy to plenty, as we effectively counter Blitz or Ying. Considering his gadget, Warden will be designated to absorb the initial attack on the frontline, and counter it as it comes. However, developers have made sure that the Smartglasses stay balanced, as they will be less effective when looking through smoke while moving.

When it comes to weaponry, you will be able to choose between MPX submachine gun or an M590A1 shotgun as your primary, and P-10C or SMG-12 for secondary.

Why are There no New Weapons Added in Phantom Sight?

None of the two new operators received any changes when it comes to their weapons. The reason behind this choice is that the game already has too many different weapons in it, with the number almost reaching a hundred. Aside from this, in the R6S Year 4, Ubisoft will be focusing more on some other issues, as map reworks.

However, this does not mean we are not to expect new weapons being added in the future. It will take some time for the developers to come out with a creative solution, and forcingly adding new ones is not the answer. Personally, I find this decision reasonable, as they still managed to work their way around this by combining new attachments to Operators weapons.

When is R6S Phantom Sight Coming Out?

Some sources have stated that the most likely date for R6S Phantom Sight to come out is June 11, 2019, since the TTS phase lasts for 3 weeks.

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