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rainbow 6 siege patch notes

We’re all set and ready to go, as the latest incoming patch for Rainbow Six Siege, will be the Year 4 Season 1.3 update.
It was announced earlier on Ubisoft’s official Rainbow Six twitter account, that the update is scheduled to be released on April 16 on PC.
Console players will have to stay patient for a little longer, as the Y4S1.3 comes out just a day after, on April 17.

So, what changes should we expect from the upcoming update?

Aside from the release date, Ubisoft has also shared with us the full preview of the Y4S1.3 patch notes.
Plenty of significant changes are expected to take place, and the major one will be a rework to Lion’s ability’s, while Capitao’s asphyxiating bolts will also be affected.


– Reduced the ability warning to 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds).

– Reduced the scanning to 2 seconds (from 4 seconds).

– Replaced the scan outline by a red ping debuff.

– Increased the number of charges to 3 (from 2 charges).

– Reduced the ability cooldown to 15 seconds (from 27 seconds).

– Vigil’s ability ERC–7’s cloak makes him immune to Lion’s scan.

Scan-outline has been switched to a ping debuff.
By doing this, moving defenders will now be exposed to detection up to three times, with one second between pings
Duration of Lion’s ability will be shortened for both the warning and the scanning phases.
To keep things balanced, they plan to increase the number of uses to three and also reduce the ability cool-down.

Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1.3 patch notes review


– Dart fire damage per tick reduced to 12 (from 19/tick).

– Dart fire AOE size increased and now takes 2 seconds to reach max size.

– Arrows now follow a straight trajectory until 10 meters. Past 10 meters, there is an arrow trajectory falloff due to gravity.

– Adjustments to his AOE damage will now emphasize skill and not blind luck.

Area of effect time will be expanded, thus increasing the time it takes for the asphyxiation bolt to reach its full stretch, which has also been increased.
Aside from the damage reduce asphyxiation bolt will suffer, players will be happy to hear that the AOE effect will no longer go through objects.

Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1.3 patch notes review

As seen in the Y4S1.3 designer notes, the patch will also bring changes to Nomad, Ying, Kaid, Maestro, Blitz, and Echo.
From the mentioned operator change’s, players will probably pay the most attention to ones done to Blitz and Nomad.

To reduce the frustration generated by Blitz’s shield rushing, developers decided that the ballistic shield cooldown increase will be enough to get the job done.

An idle sound cue will be added to Nomad’s gadget deployment, so the difficulty will be slightly decreased, while players will be awarded if they act with caution towards the activated Airjabs.

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– Ballistic shield flash cooldown increased to 7 seconds between flashes (from 2 second CD).

– Enjoy the breather!


– AUG–A3 damage increased to 33 (up from 27).

– Remove a magazine from TCSG12 Shotgun to reduce total ammunition to 51 (down from 61).

– Now the commander has a few choices to make.


– Maestro’s Evil Eyes windows will automatically open halfway when disabled by EMPs or Shock Drones.

– Maestro’s defenses were a bit too ironclad, so we’ve opened up the window of opportunity a little.


– Added idle SFX to Nomad’s Airjab once deployed to act as warning feedback for gadget position when active Airjabs are nearby.

– Replaced Claymore with 3x Stun Grenades in Nomad’s loadout.

 – Listen to the wind, it talks.


– Changes to the reverse Candela cooking mechanic. The longer it cooks, the less time it takes to explode.

– New and improved recipe.


– IQ can now detect Echo when he is using his PDA.

Plenty of bugfixes will also be applied in the Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1.3 patch, bringing the most joy to console players, who previously haven’t received the Y4S1.2 patch.


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